In order for a business man to succeed, they need to have a passion. Passion to do what ever is necessary to achieve their goals. The drive that you have towards your goals. Total commitment to job, to hobby that will turn you around and you will be successful in that field. You have to be the best at what you do. And If you want to get payed more, you definitely have to do more then you do right now.
Passion is the same thing as drive. For example, you have a motor. The motor runs on electricity. Then you upgrade your motor to make it run on gas. You start using the 91 gas. Plus you have supercharge button. Ok, now you have a brand new motor that you use. Let's say that this motor is you. Right now you work your regular hours, 8 hours a day. Your on the electric mode. Then you try working with passion. You have up grated and you run on gas 91. With time you get used to the idea and you 8 hours a day become 9. Soon you will see the result. The result ofyour seccess will bring you an option to put in a super charge, the naz (completely safe). You hook up a supercharge to your motor. Sence you have already got used to the idea working with passion towards your work, you get the super charge. thinking about your work and thinking about the success that you already got because you had that dirive got you exited and ou want to do more. Then you press the super charge button and go a fast as you can, to the maximum of your potentiol. When you work with passion, eventually you get used to the idea and work with passion all the time, achieve your goals much faster and get more results and more income.
Advice: You have reached your full potential and the week is over. You have seen your results and your happy with them. On the weekend you go out, parting or what ever. Monday work time, you don't have that drive. What you need to do. Imagine the prosess again. Do the same thing that you did week before. Know that you will get the resuls that wanted. And everything will comeback. Just think about your success and I'm sure that you will have it in you.


Persistence is very important for successful people. Sorry, it is important for everyone. Anything you do, figure out if what ever your doing is useful for you. If yes, then you have to keep doing what your doing. But if you think that you have a bad habit, you absolutely have to change that. No questions asked. Person needs to do what ever they have to. For example, if you would ever do what ever you wanted, what would happened with you. What kind of a person you would be. What kind of a job would you have? Where would you stand at this point? I think you get the point.
All our lives we being what we were told to do. Very little portion of our life is when we do whatever we want to do. Do you agree with me? Persistence, persistence, and once more persistence my friends... When you have a skill and you are persistent with that skill, you will become an expert in your field. You will be the best. Ask yourself a question, What am I going to get out of it. When you will be the est expert in your field, that mean that you will be paid a lot more. You will be paid more then other people.
Why do companies want to hire the best personal? Because companies want to expend, they want to grow, and the only way they going to grow, when they have expert working for them.
Once again... Remember to be persistent at all times, grow in your fields. make sure that what ever your doing becomes a habit, a good, positive habit, so it would be easier for you to improve.

Success Story

A young man from Lowestoft has been chosen for the prime minister’s Global Fellowship - having found success during the Make Your Mark Challenge. Read On...

This week’s guest is Cynthia de Lorenzi - successful Entrepreneur & personal contact of the legendary Vint Cerf (co-inventor of the Internet & Chief Internet Evangelist at Google)Read On...


To be successful you always need to have control on yourself. That means that you have to be clear minded, know what your doing. I some cases when you just starting of, it's better to get experience or read about certain material. Get familiar with subject. Control, means that you have to be on top of yourself. Doing and knowing what ever your doing. By doing something you have to expect to get a result. It's like the chain of reaction. Always think about what in it for you. If you about to do something, you have to ask yourself a question. "What's in it for me?" Always ask question if you don't understand something. By asking question, you will know more about certain subject, certain area of work.
Let say you know what your doing. You have certain tasks to complete. You are finished with all the tasks with in a few hours. But you still have the whole day ahead of you. Do you stop working after you completed your tasks? If you, I think it's a big mistake that your making. Why? You may ask, it's because if you want to gain success you have to put in more hours of work than expected of you. Even thou you are your own boss, to have more success in your field, if you want to raise business, you have to put in more hours of work. The more hours of work you put in, more money and more success you will have.
If you are working for a company, you still have to put in more hours of work. Why? Again. When you are putting in more hours of work in the company that you are working for, more likely you will be promoted. More hours equals more results for the company and for you it's a promotion.
Controlling your thought about your ideal. Be the one you want to be. Don't thin about who you want to be, just be that person. Just do what you have to do. Be who you want to be and enjoy your success.

Mind Power! Quantum

I thin everyone should know what Mind Power is. I leave it up to you to give a name for it, and I'll let you know what it is.
Knowing how human mind works !
What capabilities the mind has !
Memory Boost !
Health life !
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Being Wealthy !
Being Successful ! etc...
Everything you can think of, can become. If you wan to do something important in your live and you don't know about quantum physics. Knowing how that human mind works and what it's capable of you have to start somewhere. And I'll tell you what, who ever is looking will always find whatever they are looking for. You are at the right spot my friend! Click Here!

Successful Dating

Males... this is a gold mine for you. Guys, do you know what make a women go after you?. Know the secrets why women go after certain kind of men? Do you know why it you?
To answer this question is that you have to know how to magnetically attract a women with out even approaching them.
Go out and have fun. Attract girls where ever you go. On the go become a master of the method to get as many girls as you have time for. :) Become a Magnet for Women!

Law to Success

How to make Money? Everyone know, but not everyone follows. Some people don't even think about it. They just do what parents told them to do when they were young. The tactics has programed in their minds.
Here are the way and what you can learn and follow to become the master of your success.
  • Energy for Life
  • Law of Attraction
  • How to Get respect and feel Important
  • Master in Relationships
  • Your True Purpose in Life
  • Being a Leader
  • Law of Effective Productivity
  • Being a Magnet of Money
Knowing all these is very incredible, because these methods just revealed for people to know. Everyone has the power to become a millionaire, become that kind of a person that they want to be. Usually people that know these methods are the architects of their lives. They know what to become wealthy, they know what's going to happened tomorrow.
Become a master in all these fields. Have you live set just the way you want it. Listen to inner you, and follow yourself. Click Here!


Preparation, what does it mean. Be prepared is to know. For example, you have a job interview. You know what kind of question are on the interview, but you have never thought about them. When you are asked a certain question and your not ready to answer, that means that you are not prepared. When You take a test, for anything. You have to be prepared for the test. You have to know the subject. Preparing your self for the worst will bring you success in what ever you do. Have you heard about a saying... "Somebody did not do their homework". It a same thing, the person were not prepared. That means that the person has failed the subject, or an interview or what ever. Do you homework and know everything about your task. Make it fun to learn, so you remember everything.
"Hope for the best, be prepared for the worst".


Managers are leader. Why? They are leaders because they are the once who have worked for the company, managed working personal. They know the tasks that they need to do. They know how to make workers listen to them. Manager is the person in charge. They have worked from ground up. Managing people, stacking all that paperwork and they have to know where everything is. For example, let's take a store manager. They have to train new workers. They have t make sure that all the personnel at work. Every worker does what they need to do.
Another example about management. What you every thought about your time and how much it's worth. Do you manage your time. Do you save every moment to do what you want to do. Do you make every moment of every day memorable? Most of the time, every day is like any other day. Am I right? If you don't exercise, start. do something that you will benefit from. Manage your time and see how much free time you have. How much time you are spending by slacking around.
You can also manage your memory. Try to remember what has happened three days ago. you memory can not recall the information right away. It doesn't recall the info. because nothing special has happened. Human memory tends to remember more complicated things. Store you daily events in folders. Look at your memory like it's a folder. Everyday store it like its a folder. If you practice, soon you will be able to recall any event that has happened.


Motivation is very important for success. In order to have drive for your goal you need to have something that's going to motivate you throw the whole gurney. Person can only be motivated for 48 hours. So you need to have some kind of a motor that will keep you going.
Every person likes to do what ever they want to do. For example, you like to play sports. you play sports because you like to do it. There will be no boss to tell you to play or he will cut down your salary. You just do it because you love to do it. Have a specific goal. For example, you want to make $100K a year. This is your motivation. When you complete certain tasks, you will make $100K a year. This is your motivation. One day you wake up and you feel very lazy, don't want to do anything. Just the thought of $100K a year makes you want to do something about it.
Motivate other people, people around you. If you run a company and you have people working for you, you have to motivate them. Especially if the workers are on hourly wage. This is your job as a leader of company, as manager to make your workers complete the job. The results of work will be much better. Your company will progress towards growth much faster.
If you are working for someone, why do you need motivation? I'll tell you why. In the first place you need to motivate yourself. you need to motivate yourself because you will complete more work. Completing more work will show your boss that you can handle different tasks. Because you are doing better job than other, you might get a raise. Think as you are the boss of the company that your working for. Who would you give the promotion to? To self motivated person. Person that will complete any job that was given, and most effective worker.
Stay motivated!

Time Management

Save time. Learn how to save your time. One has to know how to manage their time correctly. As they say, time is money. And that is absolutely true. I'll tell you why. Take any job you want. For example, receptionist. Receptionists are getting payed for answering calls make appointment and so on. Receptionists don't really require any type of a skill, may be typing. That's just one of the criterias why some get payed more than others. Mostly the receptionists are getting payed for their time, for presence on the job. If you think about it, you can apply this to any job that you want. The more you work, the more hours you will put in your job, the better result you will get. The more money you will have. If you have your own business it's even better. More time you will put in to your work and have more correct strategies for your business growth the better result you will see. The result that's what keeps up motivated to do our job. Let's take that receptionists for example, receptionist gets payed an hourly wage. The tasks that were given to receptionist are late or not finished. Most of the time they just not finished throu out the day. What you think will happened? You is correct, the receptionist will get fired. Because the time and the tasks is money. Do the best, do your job. Make sure everything is on time. Be the best at what you do, and you will get payed more. Manage you time properly, so you will finish everything that you have to do.

Millionaire's Save...

Take an example from millionaires, save money. Know how to save money is very important because with practice you will become better at it and save more money for yourself. Self made millionaires know how to save money and know how to save money on the products that they are buying. They can invest in the products and make more money than they have invested. There are 4 categories on saving money when buying new products. 1 the lie cycle. 2 monthly payments. 3 purchase planning. 4 discounts.
In category #1, millionaires have their shoes repaired and or restored. 70% of millionaires repair their shoes. They buy refinished furniture, which means that they buy used and have it repaired 48%. Or they buy new, once the furniture looks old, they don't buy new furniture. They simply repair it. And instead of buying new clothes millionaires have it altered or mended 36%.
In category #2, in summer time millionaires raise the thermostat in their air conditioner, 57%. At home they switch long distance calls companies 49%. Also, millionaires plan and pay off their home mortgages faster than schedule 48%.
In category #3, millionaires have the shopping list made before shopping 71%. They use discount coupons. Millionaires choose to buy top rated appliance and motor vehicles 44%. And when they got everything that was on the shopping list they go home 36%.
In category #4, millionaires are working with discount brokerage firms to save money 25%. And they buy household supplies in bulk at warehouses 49%.

The % is out of all millionaires in US.

Invest Money

Investing money is very good idea. You have to know a to make correct profitable investments. Know the company that you are going to invest in. How many people are in the company. How much are the stocks. Follow the stock market. Prepare yourself for the right timing. Buy cheap and sell for more. Know everything about the company that you will be investing in. Property investing is very good investing. Everyone knows that it's good time to invest the money right now. Because the economy crashed. The prices are lowering. You can buy something very good for cheap. Right now it's cheap, but with time the properties are going to go up. The prices will rase, the economy going to stabilize. When investing, the timing should be right. The company that your investing in or the product should be right.

Save Money And be Wealthy

Save money. How do you think people become wealthy? Most of the millionaires are self made millionaires. Why is that? Because they have been in the worst cases. Thy have seen the worst. They learn from their mistakes. The best way to do is to learn from somebody else's mistakes. Read about wealthy people and learn from them.
We are living in the world when we have to buy some thing new that just came out. We want to be fashionable. We want to be like the starts that we see on television. Or somebody important that all the country knows. I'll tell you what. Just be yourself. Follow your own path. Make your own decisions. The advertising that you see on television is just for you to spend money. For you to own somebody that you don't even know. All these credit cards. Why do you think they where designed? You will say, for quicker use. No and yes. With a credit card you can buy over the internet, but at the same time what exactly are you buying. The transactions from your work place straight into your bank account. Do you even see the money?
Before buying anything, think about for a month. Buy only what's necessary for you. Follow your own intuition. Make correct choices. Save money.
When you save money you going to become wealthy. 10% of your income put in the saving account for the % to grow. Each time when you get that pay check, first thing you have to do is to pay your self. Then pay for the rent and all the stuff. If you can not put out 10%, you can start with 1%. Eventually you will get used to the idea and put 2% in your account. Don't forget that % in the bank is growing because the bank is using your money. With time you will be able to save 10%, may be even more. Also think about retirement.
Save Your Money.

Living Large

Living Large. I think any one would love to live and not worry about anything. Most people right now are loosing their homes. Why you think this is happening. For simple reason, people are loosing their homes, because the can not afford it. Make more money buy a property that you not going to worry about the payments. Calculate every expense you going to have and then purchase it, but only if you can afford it. My advise to you is not to rely on anybody but you self.
About two years ago people were buying properties like crazy. Everyone wanted to make money. The banks were giving out loans with out any down payment. A lot of people where buying 2, 3 properties that they could not afford. They thought, hey I will buy this property right now and then in a half a year I will sell it. I will make few hundred thousands. That's good money, why not. Wait a second here. You have to look at the picture realistically. For example, let's take these properties. Properties where growing all the time. Every year they where going up and up. Come on, houses in Los Angeles where million bucks. That's normal single family home. These prices are ridicules. But people still bought it. Just look at the whole picture and see details. Everything will be clear to you.
Think about what every you are buying. May be you won't even need to buy a house. May be you just need a condo or something like it. The coast for the property going to add up. Make sure that you know every single thing.
It's better to save up the money and open up a business that's going to bring you money, than buy a house and only think about how you going to make the payments. Before buying anything expensive, think about it for a few month, do research, and know details. Prepare yourself for the purchase. Make correct decisions about purchasing something.
Living large is when you have money to buy anything you lay your eye on. Imagine your walking in the mall and you really what to buy something. For example a computer. You walk into the store talk with the representative from the store, and suddenly the light bulb lights up on top of your head. And you say, I am going to buy this whole mall. I will have the products and I will make the money. The location is great, there are always many people in the mall. You do your calculations, the numbers come out to profit. And you buy the mall and make even more money.
Make money, and don't stop. There is enought for everyone! :)

Motivation Speakers

Greatest Books that are written by motivation speakers are greatest books about becoming self made millionaire. I will tell you why.
Motivation speaker usually give presentation in front of many people. The inspiration is one of the main things person needs to have. Basically what I am trying to say is, motivation speakers do their home work. They study personal behavior, they know how to get the person up. Most importantly psychologically. On the seminars motivation speaker will give you so many examples for you to succeed. Usually they give such easy examples that if you ever put your mind and energy to do the work, you will become millionaire.
For example lets take Starbucks. Would you have the money so start your own business? Would you take a chance to open up a coffee shop to sell coffee for $3 dollars and a place for people to hang out? Looking at Starbucks you would definitely agree to open the coffee shop up. The new ideas that are coming into your head, and you just say, come on that's not worth it. this business is not going to bring me any money. Half a year passes by and you are driving down the street and you see a that somebody has realized the idea that you had. The idea came to somebody and they took the chance. Remember that if an idea 10% new, it's already million dollar idea.
So motivation speaker know what they are doing to bring your spirits up. I am sure if you go to one of the seminar you will know what I am talking about. In a day or so, you will forget the who thing. If you don't write down what was said by the speaker. 99 % of what ever was discussed you will forget. Motivation speakers are very good in picking person up and make them want to to what ever that person wants to do.
I will suggest for you to get a person motivational speaker's CD so you will have it by you side at all times. Just listen to them, and you will be high, you will be high on your new idea.

Plan Your Life

Do you know that you need a plan for your life? Evey one needs it. You have to be planer of your life. You have to know exactly where you want to be in the future. Setting a plan for a 5 years at a time and accomplishing the goals. You have to see full picture of your life, in very detail. Be the architect of your life.
If you are a person that goes as flow. That means your like a river. River has one channel, and if your that river you will go only one direction. No left turn, no right turn. And most importantly you would not know what's going to be ahead of you.
Plan you life the way your going to expect what's coming, so you will be prepared. There is a saying... "Hope for the best, but be prepared for the worst". When you will plan your life you will know what's coming your way. The best will come to you, and you will be ready for worst.
Expect the best out of life. Do what you have to do to get on track!

Full Success

What do you think it takes to always succeed at what ever you do? It takes a full potential of you. Everything you have just put it on the table. Place it on the table and say this is what I have and this is what I am going to do with my qualities. With all the qualities that I have, I will make the best to succeed. Be careful, don't cheat yourself. You have to be true with yourself at all times. Because if you cheat yourself your simply not going to make it. Think about it, if you are working on a project and the results are not so good. By cheering yourself up some people say... "oh, it's ok. These are the best results" When the same person asked if they had put everything they had for the project, guess what the respond would be? "Yeah, put put everything i have for this project. All my time when to make this project happen". Man, how can you say anything if you didn't even do half of it.
Because people are lying to themselves, they are not getting to their 110% of their potential. Think about one thing that your excellent at. Probably your great at it because first of all you were always true to yourself about it and you just wanted it so bad. When you were going to bed at night you thought about next day to practice your skill. Same thing here, there is no trick. All you have to do is to become an expert at what you do. Then you will be the best at and you will always succeed, because you know every step for the solution. The equation is no problem as long as you know the formula to apply to the solution.
Think about success all the time. Imagine in your hear how you will perform. How you will be in. certain situations. The best things to say to yourself are... "I am the best, I know what I am doing, I will succeed". Tell this things to yourself from the bottom of your heart. You will feel different right away. You will feel good about yourself. When person feels good about themselves they automatically succeed because of positive energy they have.
I could give you so many examples, but most important is for you to imagine the times when you felt excellent about yourself and apply that feeling in your new goal.

Money!!! :)

People are going crazy. Why, simple, because many people are getting laid off. Do to economy many families in America are struggling to survive. People are loosing their homes because they can not afford it. Every one needs money.
I have personally met people who say that money is not the happiness. You can not buy happiness. They say, you don't know, it's all about feeling and caring and relationships. And stuff like that. Come on man. Think again. I agree on the part that money is not happiness, but it's definitely one of the tools to happiness. It's like the joke. Two guys talking. One says happiness is money. And the other says, not it not, the happiness is not in the money, but in their amount.
You get it? It's like the more money you have more you can afford, the more you can afford the happier you are because you can afford it. You think of something and then boom, you have it.
You have to know how to increase your income immediately, overcome your fears about money, raise the money you need, the secrets of wealth creation, how to put your money to work for you. Don't you ever forget that anything can be learned. You have the power to learn anything. Everything is in your hands, so don't wait and jump on it.

Strategies for Achievement

I've been talking to some people about their achievement, about their goals and how they became wealthy. When you talk with anyone about wealth, they would not tell you how they did it. Person that's making money is not going to tell you the way that they are making money. For simple reason is because they think that they will have less customers, or you going to do same thing as them, and would earn more money then them. I have found a book about interviews of the millionaires. In the book they suppose to tell the reader what they did and how they did it. basically that teaching me how to make money and every other reader who has bought the same book. Even though is a millionaire would tell how to make the money in the book, less than one present of people would to the same thing as the millionaire. I think that's because people can not have the drive for themselves. People are ship. We always want somebody to tell us to do this or to do that and this kind of a results we're going to get. If you want to become successful, you definitely have to change that. You have to learn how to channel the natural flow of wealth and opportunities in your direction. Use "Zero-Based Thinking" to organize your money and time. Foster personal and spiritual development in all areas of your life. Evaluate your life using your happiness as the inner barometer. Use the "Four Key Questions" to continually evaluate your performance. Achieve your goals 2x as fast. Organize your finances to become closer to financial independence. Basically all this means that you have to get up on your own two feet and become your own person. Don't be a sheep anymore, be a Shepard. Be a leader! Learn how to manage yourself and manage others. Gude people to the direction you want them to go.

Set Your lIfe

Setting my goals. Is the most important factor. Before I didn't think that every goal I should write on paper and follow it everyday. When I have heard about write the goals down on a paper, it seemed kind of childish to me. What, I don't have a memory to remember what my goal is. Why I should write it on the paper and review it everyday. In the book "Focal Point", the book tells me everything about goal setting, managing my time, focusing on what I should concentrate on to get my results faster and easier, have more time at work to do my tasks, and most important have time for my vocation. I have read the book, well, it actually played and somebody read it to me on my player, I have found it very interesting and wanted to experiment because when I purchased the book they say that if not satisfied money back I was told. So I said to myself, why not try something new and educate myself about the subject that I am interested in. So I have listened to a cd and started to experiment on the new ideas that I have heard. I couldn't believe my eye, what was happening around me. Because of this book my whole life had changed. I have more time to do my work and finish it faster, have time for vocation, have time for my family. And have even more time for myself to start new projects. Because I have listened to this book and I have heard what I needed to hear my life change in a positive way. The most importantly I am becoming more successfull.
I wanted to share this with you and let you know that imposible is nothing.
Do what you have to do and everything be in place you want it to be.

Successful Marketing

Many people these days are moving on to Internet. Internet reach a new level and the old days are behind. Do to the economy crash many people lost their job. Many people just moving on to internet to do promotion, to make the money some way as they know. Marketing is needed at all times weather it's b.c. or our time. Become more successful in doing marketing. Learn new ways to promote your business or even somebody else, but get payed for what you are doing. If you have a business online, learn new ways to do it and get the money, become rich, don't struggle with your money, have money come to you and just simply do what you do best.
Any skill can be learned and you can learn this one be successful at it.
If you don't have a business yourself, help your friend or your relative to raise their business and make the money you ever wanted.

Double Your Productivity

Recently I have read the book on how to double my productivity. I can say that a lot of thing I new about, but never used them. I just have not thought about simple little things.
You can double your productivity by learning how to manage your time. Organizing your self, organizing your business just the way you want it and also you can save time when you are all organized. Do what needs to be done. Do the most important tasks that you need to accomplish will also save you time in a long run. Also stay in focus of what ever you do. First thing, you will always remember what needs to be done. Because when you are focused your mind takes the message in certain way that you won't forget.
Save time, save your energy at work at home. Master your time so you can be everywhere at needed time. Everything is a skill and anyone can learn it.
So learn it and be more productive in your business. have time to go to vocation. Accomplish your dreams and live the live of your life.

Think and Change

Changing you think? You might ask, why? Why should I change the way I think, the way I function, the way I have always lived my life. Why I should do this. What good is it going to do for me? When person was told that they need to change their thinking, the point of it is, they need to open their eyes. People need to see what going on around them. Person need to know where they stand in their own lives.
Look around and see if you are happy where you stand at this point. If you deserve all the best thing that you wish for yourself. May be your not happy, because you don't have enough money, or you don't have your second half. You have to know where you stand, so can analyze yourself and see in what areas you need improvement.
Something in life goes wrong. Ask yourself a question. Why? Just simple why will let you know what you or somebody else did wrong. You going to see the chain reaction. You will see in what part of your life everything had started.
Learn to be the best at what you do. Do it for yourself not for somebody else.
Check out some material. You'll like it. It will help you.

Jomp the Fance to Get Your Success

In my live I met people which are very successful and people that have their own business, but they don't have much success like other people do. For some reason they don't complete their tasks and late to work. When I ask them why are they not succeeding in the business. they always make an excuse and tell me that they waking up early in the morning going to bed very late. They don't have enough hours to rest. They tell me that the competition is so great that they are falling out. I did not tell them anything, when I call the office in the morning or in the evening they never there. Imagine, a business owner has his own business, for example has a store to run. He is the one who is opening and closing the store. In the morning they are 1 hour late, in the evening they are 2 earlier getting of work. Then this guy is complaining about the competition, about long hour of work, not getting enough customers, and all those excuses.
Do this and you will succeed: 1) Identify your special abilities, 2) Tap into invaluable mental resources 3) Make your life easier -- cut your work load in half 4) Dramatically increase energy levels and stamina

Conserve your resources-both financial and emotional
Understand the power of added intelligence
Lead from the front and leverage your time
Do whatever it takes to achieve your goals
Fulfill your true potential
Put first things first -- get more done faster and easier

Get What You Want

Today is the time of communication. Every one is communicating with one another. Have you ever got what you wanted just by pronouncing words? Communication is great skill, which you can learn and practice it and become an expert. Convince people to give you the job that you want. I you are a sales person convince customers to buy what ever you want them to buy. May be you are just that kind of a person that always wants to be right, want to stand out, prove your point to people around.
You don't have to be natural in it. Don't think that people are born with the skill of convincing other people, they learn the skill and you can learn it too.

Get a Perfect Job

Do you remember when you where a little and you always said... When I grow up I'll become...
Something in life always changing and all of us have to adapt. One way or another we do what we have to do. get a job that we have to get so we could support our selves or do something completely different that we thought we going to do. For example, how many people are in school because of the parents or their partners? Many young adults are going to school because their parents said so. After graduating from high school as it is we have to go to college and get our degree. Do you know that after graduation only 10% of graduates are going to college. Do you know that only about 3% - 5% of students that went to college graduating with BA. Have you ever thought about this? As we always heard from our parent, do what you want, but you have to do this. You have to do it because it's right, that's the correct way to go.
We have to make our choices for our selves not somebody else have to make that choice for us. We are the constructors of our future and don't let anybody tell you different. Get a job that you always wanted. There are so many school that you can graduate and get a degree in a specific field with no time. I mean it will be a lot faster then going to college. You have to educate yourself all the time. Progress, progress, progress. Make decisions, make hard decisions. It's ok to make mistake, because you will learn from your mistakes. You will find the way to get to the top.
Get the job that you always wanted, be happy and enjoy your life.

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Be an Effective Manager

Set up your business strategy. Every successful person sees the future, they have all their goals planed out. They are outstanding in planning, and what needs to be done in their business. These people are leader. They lead their companies to success. Managers are providing step by step guidance for the workers within a company. They teach workers what to do, when to do, where to do and how to do it what ever needs to be done. Manager are the once who hire and fire people from their jobs. Managers know the best for the company.
Do you want to become a leader. Lead your company to success. Knowing rights and wrongs, make decisions on the spot with out any hesitation.
Do what you do and become the best at what you do. Manage your self is a number one thing you have to know. You will only judge other how you judge yourself. Also be creative and unexpected. Best wishes to you!
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Closing a Sale

The most profitable people in America are sales people. Are you a sales person? I thought I was too... Closing a deal is not easy. I have a lot of friends that are working as sales people. This one guy in particular is working on a dealership, selling cars. He told me that he is taking classes on human psychology, reading books on sales. But for some reason it was hard for him to close a sale. Many people were walking away from the dealer ship and where telling him that they call him back, or the car was to expensive. Your thought is correct, nobody called back and nobody bought the car.
Another friend of mine was going door to door and selling new technology vacuums. The price of the vacuum was $10,000. What you think happened? We don't want it, it's too expensive, some of the customers where getting the presentation about the vacuum and told my friend to expect their call back. What you think happened, never ever anybody called back.
I was working on the phone, doing cold calling. Same thing happened with me. I never got the response back.
I have found this book and I am recommending it very strongly to any person that want to close a sale, close any type of a deal.

Self Made Millionaire Secret

Research and experience - do what other successful people do. As it was said before, do what other successful people do and you will be successful. Stand on the shoulders of giants. For example if you take a successful person and present them as a giant. Then we take somebody that is not successful and call them a midget. After you got this, imagine a midget standing on a should of a giant. Ask your self a question, which person would see further? You is correct, it's going to be a midget. The giant's head is not going to be bigger than midget's. So from this you can tell right away the you can do same thing as a successful person and become more then them.
dream big dreams - do you dream? Dream and forget your dreams or you have a specific goal that you are following? People, don't be afraid follow your big dream. Become millionaires, famous, super stars, successful business man and women. Follow your goals every day. Don't get me wrong here. Do just become a dreamer and expect to be a millionaire. You have to do something every day to move forward to the dream you have. Use your special talents to get to your dream faster. When you reach one of your dreams, don't you stop, keep on going. Think big and do thing to make your dreams turn into reality.

Stay in Love

Many people I've been talking with are getting a divorce or just separating. The couples are breaking up and so on. Not to long ago I had a chance to come across a book called 21 Great Ways to Stay in Love Forever. Think about your future and a person that's going to be close to you. You have to look at your spouse or your partner from different perspective. If you want to be with a person and all things are going well. Then you move in together and BOOM, crash. Everything you thought, expected, all you were building in your relationship has died out. You know, it does not have to be that way. You can stay in control of your relationship and always have that spark that you dreamed about.
Think about how many people are getting married and after a few month or even a year separating. Why is that? Separation in most cases happens because people are getting bored of each other. It comes to the point when it's just not interesting any more. Specially in the time that we are living right now it's normal for people to get married for 5 time. What you think, is this normal? If you ask me, I don't think so. I think that marriage should be once, and for good.
Analyze our self and your partner and make the best out of it. When you know how mother nature works you will know all the tricks that will help you stay in love and be loved. It's like any other skill that you have learned. Remember when you where learning how to ride a bicycle? Do you think that you can do it right now. Pick up that metal thing on two wheels and take it for a ride? Absolutely you can. Once you have learned it you will never forget. Same thing here. You master your skill and forget about the worries, just live a happy life.
Best of luck.

How to build your own Successful Business

With the program of Brian Tracy you can learn...
You can learn how to get you goals in order. The things that you thought that were not possible to do very doable. You can increase your income. Set up your own business and take it to the top of it's field.
  • Decide which business will be the most beneficial for you
  • Identify your ideal customers
  • Do fast, cheap, market research
  • Make a profit selling your products and services
  • Develop a complete business plan to insure long term success
  • Avoid business failure
  • Practice the Five P's of marketing to keep your business fresh and in-demand
  • Concentrate on sales and boost your profits
  • Manage your time well, so that you can work to live not live to work!
  • Use the Seven Key Success Factors to ensure your business will be at the top of its market!
Apply the strategies to your business, and if you don't have one, you can start your own. The strategies are realistic, and if you do them it's going to take you to the top.
Become financially and spiritually successful and happy.

Increase Your Productivity

Have you every thought about time. I am sure that you have and think that there is not enough hours in a day. You can change that. You can arrange your time just the way you want it. You can do more in less time. If you come home after 8 hour day, or may be 12, 14 hour day. Do you ever think about the things that you did? I pretty sure that you have been zooming out for a good minute. You know what I mean? All you have to do is to be true to your self. Everything you doing is going to pay off, ever forget that.
All you have to know is how to:
  • Double your productivity
  • Speed through your "to do" list
  • Overcome procrastination
  • Make more money
  • Spend less time at work
Double your time and increase your income!

Faster Promotion? More Money?

Have you ever heard about the way t get promoted faster and get paid more? I am sure you have, but are you using the strategy for your self? Make the best out of it.
Make more money in what ever you do. That mean you can take a vocation, not worry about the bills, luxury car, great home, may be a vocation home? :)

  • Build outstanding relationships with co-workers and management
  • Become excellent in everything you do
  • Develop an attitude for success
  • Push to the front of the pack-without stepping on any toes
  • Ask for what you want - and get it!
  • Make more money
  • Get promoted faster
What ever you want to do, is doable!

Build High Profit Business

Boost your level of confidence and start making money in your business. Any business is very predictable if you know what your doing. You can predict your business in the future by looking at what you have done in the past. Today is just another day for improvement. Look at the things that you have already done and evaluate.
  • Predict profitability in your industry
  • Center your business around customer satisfaction
  • Keep your staff happy, productive and committed to excellence
  • Stay ahead of the competition in products and services
  • Increase your cash flow
  • Massively boost your profits
Any one can do it. Anything can be learned. Your business is in your hand. Many people are looking their business because of the crisis. Find new way to move forward and be happy and successful in what you do.

Live Longer

Live longer. You know what this means? This means that you can live longer just by doing simple things.

  • Achieve and maintain your proper weight
  • Develop a personal health plan
  • Sleep better and increase your energy levels
  • Feel more positive, happier, more confident
  • Improve your health in every area
I said simple, not easy. Well, it's all depend how you take it. If you are smoking, drinking, using drugs, you might want to stop doing it. It is killing you. The most important thing you have to do is to be ready mentally. You have to be ready mentally for anything.
Do you know how fantastic it feels to get up in the morning and feel great? I mean early in the morning... When you take a deep breath, fresh air immediately feels up your lungs, and you can feel freshness. It is amazing feeling great. When you know that your in good physical shape experiencing, feeling the fresh air in the blood vessels.
Better Health Gives You Better Results!
  • Being more energetic
  • Having a clear mind at all times
  • Being at peak performance
I am an ex- football player and I know how it feels.
Trust me.

Action Strategies for Personal Achievement

Action Strategies for Personal Achievement

Change your life and life financially free. Many scientists are searching around the world for the success, they are trying to find out why are some people are more successful then others.
  • Maximum Performance
  • Personal Strategic Planning
  • Managing your Time
  • Career Advancement Strategies
  • Creating Wealth
  • Unlocking your Mental Powers
  • Negotiating, Communicating and Persuading
  • Development of Character
  • Personal Dynamism and Energy
  • Power with People
  • Strategies for Business Success
  • Building your Financial Estate
Everything You Need To Master Personal Success
Many people have used the personal achievement strategies and have concentrated on their goals. The way they did it was by visualizing the specification of their goal and persue it. The have folloed the same patern to be successful. You can do it too :) Anyone that want to become successful individual can learn these technics. It's like writing a bisicle, once you have learned it, you know it for the rest of your life.

Make a Million

Qualities and ways successful people have!
  • Do what other successful people do
  • Spend less then you were, save and invest the balance. Try to save 20% of your income. It's hard but if you save 20% of your income every month, you know what happens :)
  • You have to pay your self first and save the money. If you can't save 20%, you can start by saveing only 1% of income/ month
  • Be more thoughtful about spending money. The key to success is not how much you earn, but how much you keep
  • You can start saving by buying used items. For example if you really like a car and the cost of it is $30K. that's when it came out on the market. You wait a year or two and you can save $5K to $10K
  • Try to think about a month beore buying a product
  • Adding value in some way. 1) Do more important things 2) Do things faster. 3) More quality. 4) Increase convenience. 5) For the right price

Try to do all this things and you will see how your life is changing. Just try to follow this things, one at a time. I have no dout that you will have progress come to you. Basically if you like to do anything and you think, that's just the way it is. Wrong! Everything in life is learnable, you can learn to do anything or become anyne you desire. Even if you would like to become a millionare, you can. All you have to do is to follow the technics. Do what other successful people do and you will too become successful!

Brilliant Memory

I bet that anyone would like to have excellent memory. I personally have excellent memory. I am practicing to remember things every day. Some every day activities. When you practice your memory it becomes even better.

1. Remembering Names - Many people forget the names of people they meet after 30 seconds. This is what you need to do... When you meet someone you have to associate their name with their face, so there would be some kind of connection. Look at the persons facial feature and repeat their name in your head. Make that connection. Repeat their name in your head at least 5 times. Say person's name when asking them a question. Say person's name out loud. If that person ask you why you have said their name, tell them that it is important to you that you remember their name. You will make them feel good. If you have met a person with a unusual name, ask them about the origin of their name. People are loving their names so they will gladly tell you. Make sure that you have built strong association with a person and their name. Practice this exercise and you won't forget another name, and by doing this your memory will get better every time you meet someone, because you will make a foundation in your subconscious mind to repeat the exercises over and over with out knowing it.
2. Numbers - It's harder to remember the numbers then words. for example if you ave a number that you need to remember 2824 ( My birth day is cool) Try to make the association between the numbers and the words. Number 2 which is "my" has 2 letters. 8 which is "birthday" has 8 letters, 2 which is "is" has 2 letters, and 4 which is "cool" has 4 letters. With this you be able to remember any numbers. Practice makes perfect.
3. Spelling - Remember that you have to make the association. If you will make more complicated association with the word, the information will be stored in you long term memory. That's how you can store information more easily. The more complicated things happened around you, or you can imagine them the more likely you will remember the details. For example, imagine the word on the black board with white letters. Also to make the learning more fun try to play pleasant music on the background. When you do that you come more aware of what going on. Use flash cards.
4. Screen Play - When you have to remember a lot of information and have to remember it word by word do this... a) Read it and make sure you understand it. b) Reread it. c) Reread it aloud. d) Reread it aloud and try to imagine the story or the information with the pictures. See the picture in your head of what you are reading. e) Reread it with actions. Act the story out. f) Do the steps a. through e. and you are guaranteed to remember 85% of the material.

In order to have an excellent memory you need to practice the steps that are described above. In order for you to have great memory, you need to practice it constantly and with time you wouldn't even have to think about thing to remember because you will be doing them automatically. All the information on how to improve on your memory will be stored in you subconscious mind. It's like riding a bicycle, All you have to do is learn in one time and you are can ride it anywhere and at any time. Same thing with the memory.

Law of Attrection

Human brain is capable of doing a lot of amazing things. Anything you desire can be accomplished. Anything you do and any thoughts you have are attracting everything you are thinking about. You can attract success, wealth, happiness and many other positive things in your life. Human brain is like a magnet. For example, you having and interview. You are automatically thinking about the interview and question going to be on it. You are thinking about the person that's going to interview you. thinking about weather you are going to pass or not. When you are thinking about the interview and all the details that's going to be on it. With your subconscious mind already preparing for the worst. But at the same time you are hoping for the best. So you are attracting all the positivity in to your life. When you are thinking about he interview in detail you already know what's going to be on it. Then boom, and you pass the interview.
You can try to use this thing in your regular day life. You can even start doing right now and attract all the positivity into your life. think of all the best. For example, if in a need of a money. Think about the money like you already have it. If you need something, attract the thing that you want by thinking that you already have them. Practice don this on regular basis and you will become perfect at it and will attract all the best into your life. Money, wealth, happiness, good relationships and much more positive energy.

How to Get Rich

Thats what so many want. Right ? I’m certainly not going to lie and say it is not a whole lot better having lots of money. I had a whole lot of fun and loved my life when I was eating mustard and ketchup sandwiches and sleeping on the floor of a 3 bedroom apartment that housed me and 5 buddies.

I have a whole lot more fun now. It doesn’t suck to be rich.

The question everyone wants answered, is how to get there. There are ways to get there. But there is not a template that works every time for everyone. It works sometimes. Getting there requires being ready when opportunity presents itself.

IMHO, change and uncertainty create opportunity. Times like we are facing now, with complete financial uncertainty are perfect times to start on the road to getting ahead financially.

First, here is WHAT NOT TO DO: ...... Read more=>