Brilliant Memory

I bet that anyone would like to have excellent memory. I personally have excellent memory. I am practicing to remember things every day. Some every day activities. When you practice your memory it becomes even better.

1. Remembering Names - Many people forget the names of people they meet after 30 seconds. This is what you need to do... When you meet someone you have to associate their name with their face, so there would be some kind of connection. Look at the persons facial feature and repeat their name in your head. Make that connection. Repeat their name in your head at least 5 times. Say person's name when asking them a question. Say person's name out loud. If that person ask you why you have said their name, tell them that it is important to you that you remember their name. You will make them feel good. If you have met a person with a unusual name, ask them about the origin of their name. People are loving their names so they will gladly tell you. Make sure that you have built strong association with a person and their name. Practice this exercise and you won't forget another name, and by doing this your memory will get better every time you meet someone, because you will make a foundation in your subconscious mind to repeat the exercises over and over with out knowing it.
2. Numbers - It's harder to remember the numbers then words. for example if you ave a number that you need to remember 2824 ( My birth day is cool) Try to make the association between the numbers and the words. Number 2 which is "my" has 2 letters. 8 which is "birthday" has 8 letters, 2 which is "is" has 2 letters, and 4 which is "cool" has 4 letters. With this you be able to remember any numbers. Practice makes perfect.
3. Spelling - Remember that you have to make the association. If you will make more complicated association with the word, the information will be stored in you long term memory. That's how you can store information more easily. The more complicated things happened around you, or you can imagine them the more likely you will remember the details. For example, imagine the word on the black board with white letters. Also to make the learning more fun try to play pleasant music on the background. When you do that you come more aware of what going on. Use flash cards.
4. Screen Play - When you have to remember a lot of information and have to remember it word by word do this... a) Read it and make sure you understand it. b) Reread it. c) Reread it aloud. d) Reread it aloud and try to imagine the story or the information with the pictures. See the picture in your head of what you are reading. e) Reread it with actions. Act the story out. f) Do the steps a. through e. and you are guaranteed to remember 85% of the material.

In order to have an excellent memory you need to practice the steps that are described above. In order for you to have great memory, you need to practice it constantly and with time you wouldn't even have to think about thing to remember because you will be doing them automatically. All the information on how to improve on your memory will be stored in you subconscious mind. It's like riding a bicycle, All you have to do is learn in one time and you are can ride it anywhere and at any time. Same thing with the memory.