Managers are leader. Why? They are leaders because they are the once who have worked for the company, managed working personal. They know the tasks that they need to do. They know how to make workers listen to them. Manager is the person in charge. They have worked from ground up. Managing people, stacking all that paperwork and they have to know where everything is. For example, let's take a store manager. They have to train new workers. They have t make sure that all the personnel at work. Every worker does what they need to do.
Another example about management. What you every thought about your time and how much it's worth. Do you manage your time. Do you save every moment to do what you want to do. Do you make every moment of every day memorable? Most of the time, every day is like any other day. Am I right? If you don't exercise, start. do something that you will benefit from. Manage your time and see how much free time you have. How much time you are spending by slacking around.
You can also manage your memory. Try to remember what has happened three days ago. you memory can not recall the information right away. It doesn't recall the info. because nothing special has happened. Human memory tends to remember more complicated things. Store you daily events in folders. Look at your memory like it's a folder. Everyday store it like its a folder. If you practice, soon you will be able to recall any event that has happened.