To be successful you always need to have control on yourself. That means that you have to be clear minded, know what your doing. I some cases when you just starting of, it's better to get experience or read about certain material. Get familiar with subject. Control, means that you have to be on top of yourself. Doing and knowing what ever your doing. By doing something you have to expect to get a result. It's like the chain of reaction. Always think about what in it for you. If you about to do something, you have to ask yourself a question. "What's in it for me?" Always ask question if you don't understand something. By asking question, you will know more about certain subject, certain area of work.
Let say you know what your doing. You have certain tasks to complete. You are finished with all the tasks with in a few hours. But you still have the whole day ahead of you. Do you stop working after you completed your tasks? If you, I think it's a big mistake that your making. Why? You may ask, it's because if you want to gain success you have to put in more hours of work than expected of you. Even thou you are your own boss, to have more success in your field, if you want to raise business, you have to put in more hours of work. The more hours of work you put in, more money and more success you will have.
If you are working for a company, you still have to put in more hours of work. Why? Again. When you are putting in more hours of work in the company that you are working for, more likely you will be promoted. More hours equals more results for the company and for you it's a promotion.
Controlling your thought about your ideal. Be the one you want to be. Don't thin about who you want to be, just be that person. Just do what you have to do. Be who you want to be and enjoy your success.