Save Money And be Wealthy

Save money. How do you think people become wealthy? Most of the millionaires are self made millionaires. Why is that? Because they have been in the worst cases. Thy have seen the worst. They learn from their mistakes. The best way to do is to learn from somebody else's mistakes. Read about wealthy people and learn from them.
We are living in the world when we have to buy some thing new that just came out. We want to be fashionable. We want to be like the starts that we see on television. Or somebody important that all the country knows. I'll tell you what. Just be yourself. Follow your own path. Make your own decisions. The advertising that you see on television is just for you to spend money. For you to own somebody that you don't even know. All these credit cards. Why do you think they where designed? You will say, for quicker use. No and yes. With a credit card you can buy over the internet, but at the same time what exactly are you buying. The transactions from your work place straight into your bank account. Do you even see the money?
Before buying anything, think about for a month. Buy only what's necessary for you. Follow your own intuition. Make correct choices. Save money.
When you save money you going to become wealthy. 10% of your income put in the saving account for the % to grow. Each time when you get that pay check, first thing you have to do is to pay your self. Then pay for the rent and all the stuff. If you can not put out 10%, you can start with 1%. Eventually you will get used to the idea and put 2% in your account. Don't forget that % in the bank is growing because the bank is using your money. With time you will be able to save 10%, may be even more. Also think about retirement.
Save Your Money.