Jomp the Fance to Get Your Success

In my live I met people which are very successful and people that have their own business, but they don't have much success like other people do. For some reason they don't complete their tasks and late to work. When I ask them why are they not succeeding in the business. they always make an excuse and tell me that they waking up early in the morning going to bed very late. They don't have enough hours to rest. They tell me that the competition is so great that they are falling out. I did not tell them anything, when I call the office in the morning or in the evening they never there. Imagine, a business owner has his own business, for example has a store to run. He is the one who is opening and closing the store. In the morning they are 1 hour late, in the evening they are 2 earlier getting of work. Then this guy is complaining about the competition, about long hour of work, not getting enough customers, and all those excuses.
Do this and you will succeed: 1) Identify your special abilities, 2) Tap into invaluable mental resources 3) Make your life easier -- cut your work load in half 4) Dramatically increase energy levels and stamina

Conserve your resources-both financial and emotional
Understand the power of added intelligence
Lead from the front and leverage your time
Do whatever it takes to achieve your goals
Fulfill your true potential
Put first things first -- get more done faster and easier