Money!!! :)

People are going crazy. Why, simple, because many people are getting laid off. Do to economy many families in America are struggling to survive. People are loosing their homes because they can not afford it. Every one needs money.
I have personally met people who say that money is not the happiness. You can not buy happiness. They say, you don't know, it's all about feeling and caring and relationships. And stuff like that. Come on man. Think again. I agree on the part that money is not happiness, but it's definitely one of the tools to happiness. It's like the joke. Two guys talking. One says happiness is money. And the other says, not it not, the happiness is not in the money, but in their amount.
You get it? It's like the more money you have more you can afford, the more you can afford the happier you are because you can afford it. You think of something and then boom, you have it.
You have to know how to increase your income immediately, overcome your fears about money, raise the money you need, the secrets of wealth creation, how to put your money to work for you. Don't you ever forget that anything can be learned. You have the power to learn anything. Everything is in your hands, so don't wait and jump on it.