Plan Your Life

Do you know that you need a plan for your life? Evey one needs it. You have to be planer of your life. You have to know exactly where you want to be in the future. Setting a plan for a 5 years at a time and accomplishing the goals. You have to see full picture of your life, in very detail. Be the architect of your life.
If you are a person that goes as flow. That means your like a river. River has one channel, and if your that river you will go only one direction. No left turn, no right turn. And most importantly you would not know what's going to be ahead of you.
Plan you life the way your going to expect what's coming, so you will be prepared. There is a saying... "Hope for the best, but be prepared for the worst". When you will plan your life you will know what's coming your way. The best will come to you, and you will be ready for worst.
Expect the best out of life. Do what you have to do to get on track!