Path to Success With Your Imagination

Motivation is one of the key points in success. Setting your mind on the point where you con concentrate just on your goal. Once you can do that you will succeed in anything you ever wanted.

The perfect example of success would be you. Once you have started doing something and you love it very much and you keep on doing it, you become and expert in the field of your expertise. This means that you are getting closer to your goal.

You have a drive toward your goal and you keep yourself motivated, because one of the reasons you love what you do.

When ever you have to accomplish something in life you set a goal for yourself and you follow it till the goal is complete. Right? In one point or another you don’t feel like working hard and spending time, if you don’t see the results. On the other hand if you see the results, you will do your best and push yourself till you see more results, right?

So in the conclusion you have to set your mind on the point where you can see yourself with your goal complete. Just use your imagination to see yourself in the position where your goal are done. Just imagine for a second. Set a goal and imagine as you already competed your goal. It feels good, doesn’t it? So do the same to complete your goal.

It’s Hardest to Stay Motivated to Achieve Your Personal Goal

What is the hardest thing to do in order for you to achieve your personal goal? I have asked many people this question and more than fifty percent said to stay motivated. There are very many thought that are going through our minds on daily basis.

The hardest is to stay focused on your goal and going toward your goal.
You can try to set up reminders all over you, so you see then everywhere you turn your head. If you are having a problem with concentration, it’s a killer. You have to do everything that’s possible to stay focused and motivated toward your goal.

For example, on the monitor of your computer place every picture that would structure your goal. Everything you desire to have, everything you want, make it a picture on a monitor. This is for yourself, every time you about to do something on your computer you would have a reminder telling you about your goal.

There is another easy and very effective task you can do. I would say that every person in United Stated owns a cell phone. In your cell phone write a little note and place is on the screen, or set up an alarm and every time you would turn off your alarm you would see the reminder about your goal.

I hope this will help you achieve your goal.

Leave me a comment if you have any questions.

Knowing Perfect Timing to Start Working on Your Goal

Looking at successful people and thinking about whom they became successful and we’re not. What is the difference between successful people and not so successful people? There is no difference between successful people and others who don’t make all of money.

But there are qualities that successful people and others don’t. Timing. Timing is everything. Know how to set up your schedule, knowing how much time to spend on each task. But most importantly is to know what to start working on you goal. This is the key question.

When I was a kid and I had to do my home work, for some reason I was always putting it for evening or next time, sometimes I didn’t even do it. We all need to know the right timing to start working on your goal. And the time is right now.

I will tell you that the time to work on your goal is right now. Right this moment is the right time. There is a say, if you can do something right now, do it and don’t put it for later. Don’t set it off for later because you might not have a chance. The thoughts will care you away and you will simply forget about your task or your goal.

Set a goal for yourself in a map fashion. Have reminders around you to help you focus on your goal. Follow the reminder and most importantly, you have to start. You have to start working on your goal right now.

There is no other way. Things won’t happened by themselves. You have to push yourself till the goal is accomplished.

Keeping Yourself Motivated for Achieving Your Personal Goals

Did you know that on the average regular human can stay motivated only for forty eight hours. After forty eight hour the motivating goes away. So how do people stay motivated? It is very easy to do, but at the beginning is very hard. You just have to get used to it.

The comfort zone and habits are what keeps us one the same level. To get out of comfort zone and to change habits we need to have a goal. After we have a specific goal we really have to think about why do we what to achieve the goal.

The importance of the goal achievement will reflect the result. There can be only one out of two. Ether you fail or you will succeed. To succeed you need to have strong motivation toward your goal, because the motivation will drive you. The motivation will help you achieve your goal.
You need to set up a reminder that will help you stay focused on your goal. You need to set up a reminder to help you remember why you want your goal become reality.

You can have your goal written out on the index card and place the index card somewhere visible for you. Set up reminders around your working place. You can even type your goal and your reminder in your phone. Each time your alarm will sound off, you will know that you have a goal and why you want to achieve your goal.

Remember to keep reminding yourself two times a day. In the morning your alarm will go off and you will remember, or read your goal in the phone. And you can ready your goal in the evening before you go to bed.

This process will help you stay focused and motivated on achieving your goal.

How to Get Started to Work on Your Goal

Having a goal set up for your self and having a sketched out map is very good. But have do you know how hard it is to actually start working on your goal? Have it happened with you when you have to do something and you are so tiered that seems impossible. We always come up with excuses for yourselves. Some of them are; I’m too tiers, I have worked so hard today, I’ll do it tomorrow, I’ll do it next time, I can manage with out it. Well, you get the point.

To actually start working on your goal is the hardest, because you are not ready. You have to start slowly. Slowly get in the mode of success. Have a small task. Start with baby steps, and eventually your working habits will pick up.

For example, you want to lose weight and you have a goal working out 1 hour a day. In the morning you can not do it because as is you wake up at 5 o’clock. The only way for you is after work. And thinking about working out for an hour tiers you before you even start.

What you need to do is to take a baby steps. Start with 10 minutes a day. In the evening before you go to bed have a little task set up for yourself. Or you can start not by minutes, you can start by doing reps. Start with 10 reps. 10 reps is not much, is not much at all. It will take you a minute maximum. And if you will do more than 10 you have moved even closer to success.

By taking little steps toward your goal, you will always be hungry, because you will see the result. If you truly want your goal to become reality, you will be happy with progress and do even more.

How to Set and Follow Your Goals

As you already know it is very important to write down your goals on a sheet of paper. It is important because you are putting your own energy into writing and thinking about your goal. Imagine that your mind is a garden and you have flowers growing in there. The garden represents your mind and flowers represent your thoughts.

By writing your goals down on a sheet of paper you are planting a seed in your garden. As you know that flowers don’t grow over night. So you have to keep your concentration on you goal.
Write your goals very specifically. For example, I want to make $1,000 dollars by the end of this weak. The date will be April 20th. This is a specific goal. What won’t work is, I want to make $1,000 dollars. This comes out as a whish.

In as much detail as possible describe your goal. Put a really good though in to your writing.
Now you have to make sure and stay motivated about your goal. You need to have so kind of reminders around you, so you will be focused on your goal.

The way I do it is I have note book and I write in it every day. I also read what ever I have wrote in it day before. This keeps me focused on my goal. I write every day 15 minutes a day what I want and read things I wrote the day before.

If you like writing that’s good and fun to do. There is another way to do it. The easier way, if you don’t like writing much. Make a post card with your goal and description of your goal and hang it on a wall. Make sure to always see your goal in writing.

Now you know how to write down and follow your goals.

Continuous Learning

Throughout the developed world, we have moved from an era of manpower to an era of mind power. We have moved from the use of physical muscles to the use of mental muscles. Today the chief sources of value in our society are knowledge and the ability to apply that knowledge in a timely fashion. In the information age, knowledge is king, and those people who develop the ability to continuously acquire new and better forms of knowledge that they can apply to their work and to their lives will be the movers and shakers in our society for the indefinite future.

When you learn and practice the techniques for rapid learning, when you join the learning revolution, you will learn how to unlock the incredible powers of your mind. You will learn how to become smarterfaster than ever before. You will learn how to become a master of your fate rather than a victim of circumstances. You will learn how to take complete control of your present and future destiny so that you can accomplish and achieve anything you want in life.

The answer to almost every question and the solution to almost every problem in the world of work is to learn and practice something new and different. When you learn how to use the incredible power of your brain to absorb and apply new ideas and information, you will be able to lead the field and rise to the top of any profession or occupation.

Here's another question for you: What is your most valuable asset? In terms of cash flow, what is the most valuable thing you have? Well, unless you are very rich, or have a family trust account, your most valuable asset is your "earning ability." It is your ability to earn money. It is your ability to apply your knowledge and skill in a timely fashion to get results for which others will pay.

Specific knowledge and specific skills will become obsolete with the passing of time, but learning how to learn is a permanent skill that you can use all the days of your life. The people who join the learning revolution, and who learn how to learn faster, like those people who first learned how to operate computers, or learned how to become excellent in their fields, will be able to earn more in one or two years of work than the average person earns in perhaps five or ten years.

By joining the learning revolution, you will enhance every area of your life. You will be able to help your spouse and your children unlock and realize more of their individual potentials. You will be a better friend in helping your friends use more of their abilities. And you will be a better manager, developing the skills that will enable you to get far more out of yourself and other people than ever before.

By Brian Tracy
Brian Tracy University - Online Learning Courses

Problem Solution

Problem solving is one of the key factors of the success. Thinking about the problem is not enough. To get rid of the problem you need to act on it.

For example, you have a problem that you can not solve for some reason. You are constantly thinking about the problem and how bad it is. Do not wait my friend, because just by thinking about the problem you are attracting negative thoughts. And when you attract negative thoughts, everything seems more complex then it really is.

Don’t wait till the situation gets worse, act on it. If you don’t know how to deal with something (problem) ask someone, talk to your friend, and write in the forum about the problem. People don’t know who you are so there is nothing to be ashamed of. People will help you and give you answers.

By searching for solution, you’re attracting positive energy. You’re not thinking about the problem. Your mind is in search for something. Sometimes it happens when your searching for solution and you find the answer, then look at the problem and it doesn’t look like a problem anymore, its not there.

Don’t think about the problem, search for solution and you will be on track toward your success.


Setting your concentration is very important aspect. Many people know what it’s like to be motivated and to do great things, but most important of all is to just do it. The concentration you need to have, but you need to do something about it.

For example, you are driven to do your work. Once you have reached your working space, everything goes away. Why you thing that happens? Mostly it happens because, you are not concentrated enough towards your work, or you don’t think about your goal.

Visualizing your goals is very important, because that what drives you. The goal that you have set for yourself is chosen by you, which means that you want to do something about it.
Visualizing everything that’s going to happened as it already did. This is very important to stay on track.

f you have such a problem, just sit down and think about the problem. Think about what you need to do to fix it. Get a note book and pencil and write everything down. If you don’t know the solution to problem, just write everything down. Describe the problem that you have on the sheet of paper. Everything will come to you naturally.

Getting back on Track

Felling stock? What I mean is when you where on the subject for long time. Once you stop following the subject, your personal growth and everything seems like it stopped. Do you every get that? If yes, your in the right place.

As you already know, you need to get on track and you need to get back fast. You need to have a goal that you have desire and passion for. All you have to do is just think about the goal. Think about what you have to do to achieve your goal.

Think about your goal is at already happened. At first it will be very hard to do, but with time you’ll manage it. The hardest part is to imagine that your goal has already happened for you. At the same time your working on your goal and thinking like it already happened. I know it sounds crazy. One of my favorite quest is “Impossible is Nothing”
~ Mohammad Ali~
In your case think about he goal and everything will take it’s place.
Read book on personal growth. Listen to audio file, CDs, Mp3s of motivators. Everything will help you get back on track. Look for new ideas and communicate with people to share your experiences.

If you have any experience and you would like to share, feel free :)

Make it a Competition

Making a competition for you means to win to get the success. Competition is the number one motivator for you. Or if you’re trying to motivate other people, make sure to give them something to go after.

How to make a competitor? Show them that you have something that they want. As simple as that you can have very many competitors.
For example, you are having your own business and you have 10 people working for you, but the are not putting 100% effort into task, you need to motivate them. You have to do something that will wake those people up and they will start doing their job and put 115% of their time and effort.

Give workers bonuses. The best worker of the month will get a bonus of X amount of dollars. All other people in the office would want to get the bonus also and performance will rise.
Competition is number one motivator.

But be careful because competition can also lead to so many other things. If you get caught up it might lead to being jealous, and all other negative things. Be careful, concentrate on what your doing not what others are doing, no t if you’re a manager.

With good management, the company will have great success.

Goal Setting

Very many people are trying to live up to their dreams. Not many have accomplished their dreams, and many don’t really know what their dreams are. Very important for people to have dreams, because dreams are becoming into ideas, the ideas are into goals, goals into plans, and finally plan become the reality.

That’s what we all are living for. Isn’t it? How about you? Do you have a dream? Did you ever dreamed when you were a kid, or your having a dream that your going after right now. If you don’t have a dream, or you don’t have a goal, just make one up.
Follow the goal. If you don’t have a goal yet, make one up. For example, my goal for this month is to lose 10 pounds. Or my goal for this month is to get a rise, or, my goal for this month is to lift 300 lbs bench press.

Your goals can be anything, anything that your interested in. Remember, it’s very important to writ every goal down on a sheet of paper. When you will be writing you will remember that you have spend your energy and time into your planning. That way you’re going to progress toward your goal.

For example, your goal is to make more money. Do the following:

• Set the amount that your aiming for.
• Set the time limit (Realistically)
• In the step by step, write everything that you can do to get close to desired amount of money.
• How can you improve your skills, so you will be paid more?
• How long will it take you to learn a new skill?
• What other options you have, (Write everything down on a paper).

It is very important to write everything down on a sheet of paper, or better yet, get a note book. In this note book have all your plans. Have all your goals. Every morning read trough your main goal, and what you have to do today to get closer toward your goal.

The advice that I gave you, works. It work 100%, why am I so sure? It’s because I am practicing it. Every month I have a goal and I make a plan and I follow my goal. At first it will be hard to follow, but you’ll get used to it.