Self Help and Self Improvement

There are plenty of ways to define what self improvement means and there are thousands of perceptions about self improvement. For some, it may be a way to get rise in payments and for others, it may be a way to get the popularity among the friends and society. However, self improvement is a set of logical steps to improve you in any domain of life. Self improvement differs for everyone as their perspective and goals are different. Self-improvement is nothing but to know ourselves better and discover the inner and positive talents.

Power of Self Improvement

Many of us come across the problems that stop us to pass through the developmental stages of our life. Self-improvement helps us in clearing those difficult developmental stages of our life. It also results in giving positive changes to keep you happy throughout the life. Maintaining and following the essential steps of self-improvement will help you to achieve the success in your personal as well as professional life. Walking on the path of self-improvement also helps us to motivate for carrying out the impossible milestones in our life. As there are innumerable opportunities so are the competitions. It helps us to grab those opportunities and be at the top among the crowd. Self-improvement gives enough confidence to achieve almost anything in life and change the 'impossible' to 'possible'. Self-improvement empowers us to achieve our goals, ambitions and dreams.

Self Help

Self-help is an important tool to discover the ways and tricks to tackle certain problems on its own. It is an ability of a person to think and rethink until he gets the right solution for some specific problem. Our mind constantly keep working on how to develop ourselves and find the most effective way of getting the top position in specific field. Self-help is a method of inventing the most effective ways of solving the issues and concerns that arise in the mind. Sometimes, it also deals with finding and improving changes within people around us to make our environment healthy and comfortable. In this way, it not only helps them to move forward in their lives but also helps in being in a positive environment all the time.

Ways for Self Help

The most important thing to start with self-help is to understand the milestones that you want to achieve in life. Knowing the achievements would help the mind to start with the thinking process to produce an effective result. Motivation is an essential part of the self-help programm. Motivation alone can take you to the top. Try to increase your self-confidence by exploring yourself in the lax areas. Building the self-confidence will help you to eliminate the causes of your happiness and success. Concentrate more on your goals and keep trying until you achieve those milestones. That would not only improve your overall performance, but would also keep away from the stress and anxiety. Self-help and self-improvements are definitely the key features for a happy life.
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Personal growth - 5 Top Strategies of Personal Development

Self development is rarely something unforeseen and never happens that way however is the consequence of your deliberate action plan carried out. It is imperative to grasp from the starting point the reasons most people cease improving is because they make the decision not to to grow and thereby putting their quest for individual development and self growth on the rear burner so to speak.

Dr. John C. Maxwell said, “Self-development is a higher calling; it is the development of your potential so that you can attain the purpose for which you were created.”

Self-improvement therefore, begins together with your spirit, your imagination, as you consistently acquire new information and throw away the ones which are outdated which will no longer reward your intent.

Self growth tips are vital for each person that allows these individuals to identify the areas in which they need to develop, particularly with somebody who enjoys to accomplish things correctly that doesn't observe himself or herself as having any errors or deficiencies. These personal improvement helpful hints will become a lot more substantial when you take significant action in making use of them. Here are five Widely used Guidelines for Self Improvement you could commence implementing at this time.

Detect Areas you would like to enhance: The self improvement program you produce for yourself need to contain all of the areas you might have recognized as your weakness to be enhanced on. This is one of the make or break self development ideas you have to know is usually to recognize that you are not infallible and that there's always space regarding growth. The detailing of this information as well as the execution of a system of growth ought to allow for a greater understanding of these areas needing improvement

Identify Limiting beliefs: Discovering and ridding yourself of limiting beliefs is important for your self growth and also to your overall self development. Almost everyone has destroy their growth by their negative belief systems. It is usually proven to have actually affected their self esteem and confidence. For that reason, your self growth program must include dismantling these limiting beliefs to boost ones life. All these teachings and also self improvement tips allow you to make immediate modifications in your life merely by transforming your negative beliefs system and changing it into creative possibilities.

Associate with positive people: This really is very important if you will attain your goals and objectives. There will always be temporary detour in your life and things probably will not go in the direction you envisioned. It will be very useful to have positive men and women surrounding you that could support and inspire you to complete exactly what you should do to improve your life and move you closer to your expected goals. These individuals have a way of robbing off on you.

Examine your life: This self growth tip is essential to be able to ascertain what is working and what is not. Occasionally you are apt to focus on things that you must have done completely wrong. Nevertheless contrary to doing that, you should rather focus on the things you did right so as to empower you focus on doing those things once more and that are congruent to your core beliefs and this improves your personal growth.

Develop the right way of thinking: The proper way of thinking is of huge significance in your personal improvement program mainly because a positive way of thinking can make a huge difference in the long run. We are sum total of our thoughts, which is you are a product of your thoughts. To improve your world, you will need to cultivate the proper way of thinking.

Self development is gaining to a more significant extent significance as it facilitates people to create an outstanding notion about themselves and redesign the life they were born to live.
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Self Improvement - It's Easier Than You Think!

First off, high-tech gears or any such monetary investments can't make you become a celebrity or a man or woman to be reckoned with; surely, it takes obsession in addition to drive to turn to somebody of virtue.

If you're a speaker, remember that a smile is really advantageous and you have to acknowledge that frowns or grimaces during a talking event will get you nowhere with your audience; you look confident when you have a nice smile on .

Make yourself to do something else when you discern that you're really focalizing on damaging things simply because you stand to gain nothing useful except afflicted beliefs and even disturbed nights.

Annoyance and even letdowns mustn't be stored up simply because it is hazardous to health; let persons be aware of your beliefs as well as passions by revealing affection as well as other wonderful emotions without hurting others.

By means of vigorous coaching, folks of companies can soak up fair practices effectively from their coaching leaders; more so, this connotes that they can definitely also be coaching leaders as well.

One damaging plan can destroy everything around you. Therefore, be aware that your mind needs peace as well as a safe place to experience psychological and even emotional self improvement.

It's pertinent to take a very close assessement of your feelings, opinions, beliefs and even inspirations; you can't afford to dismiss your decisions, your experiences as well as your contacts.

People who practice meditation wish to achieve an outlook in which their bodies are tranquil as well as focused, simply because it enhances concentration, focus as well as awareness; no doubts about it, it is a very good self advancement tip.
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Self improvement tips

o you possess the capability to admit the issues you can alter and the elements you cannot modify? Have you the ability to acknowledge that others prefer to alter them, in lieu of you changing them? Can you accept that you are your identity, in spite of what people think? Can you acknowledge the countless changes that take place that you experienced? If you responded yes to just one or all these queries then you will be off to the start of enhancing your individual life. Should you be willing to accept, you have the capacity to giggle, although an issue is not amusing. For example, if someone pressed you, you may choose to stand back and laugh. The push is only a threat towards your emotion, which you will see, accept and find a way to get control of the situation.

As soon as you can accept details in life, including you and other people you find a way to seize control. When you find yourself in charge, it assists you to discover tips on how to improve your very own life. When you learn to understand you will start to discover you. Privacy is personal, which philosophers over generalize this subject. Lots of people in the world believe that each time we behave exactly the same way regularly, we have established our identity. Politically erroneous! We have feelings, thoughts, behaviors, procedures, and have been overwhelmed by a world of influences each beneficial and undesirable. On a daily basis we will feel something different, that causes our individuality to reflect on these changes. For that reason, if you notice a person laughing one minute and crying the next, you are discovering a shift in emotions, which is a usual routine of identity for this person. Until the persons manner adjust, actions change considerably, pals change often, etc, and you are seeing typical behaviors.

We live in a world that desensitizes us. We are encompassed by enormous amounts of influences on television, in the media, on radio, in house-holds, government, schools and so on. Each one to their own, however everybody is judging someone at some time, which is something we need to admit. We are not able to change these peoples conducts and way of thinking, but we can improve ours. This is a component of studying and acknowledging. The most effective way around the world is become your own influence and make it possible for other influences to make someone else's life gloomy. Only count on options that prove honest with their actions, symptoms and sayings. Optimistic insights are the main element to being more joyrful. When you finally understand how to tolerate you will end up being keen to laugh. For example, if someone gets you angry you will realize the fun in his or her behavior. Chances are you'll see the amusement in your behavior if you make a mistake and feed into their battiness.

When you finally start to see the humor in life, you will be far better within. We are involved in an unmanageable world full of greedy individuals, envious souls, lusty tigers, and so forth. We must learn how to deal with these people, accept us and go forward. Once you learn how to switch to a better you, other people may adopt. Beneficial habits has demonstrated far more efficient than words to inspire other people to change. As you get older you will sense a new hunger, and that desire will lead you to learn latest methods to improved you. Soon enough when you begin to feel better, you will realise a need to workout, eat right, and hang out with positive effects etc. Once you feel this hunger, you will feel motivated to labor to obtain your goals.
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How To Stay Motivated All The Time

Think back to the last time you felt that streak of motivation coursing through you. You were more organized, focused, and decided to do whatever was needed to achieve your goal. Nothing could stop you! But what happened? The fire quickly burned out. You started making excuses as to why you couldn't accomplish your goal. You returned to your old habits. Your comfort zone. (Even if it isn't all that comfortable!)
Soon you read another book or listen to another speaker and your motivation spikes and you repeat the scenario all over again. The fact is that it's not hard to GET motivated, it's STAYING motivated where most people fail. As humans we don't like change or challenge, even if it means giving up on our dreams.

So how do you stay motivated? What can you do right here and now that will push you out of your comfort zone and into a place where you steadily reach your goals and dreams? How do you move forward even when challenges get in your way at every turn?

*You need a strong goal with focus. Not just something like, "I want to lose weight. I really need to lose weight. I have to get rid of this weight!" Take a look at where you're at now and where you want to be. Set a reasonable time frame for accomplishing the goal then set up mini-goals along the way. For instance, say your goal is to lose 50 pounds. You didn't put the weight on over night, so don't expect it to fall off within days or weeks. Give yourself a reasonable time frame of one year to lose it. Your mini-goal is one pound a week. One pound a week is definitely doable! How will you lose the weight? Moderate exercise three times a week? Cutting out on sugary and fatty foods? Make it something easy that you can stick with. You want to keep your motivation level consistent not a constant roller coaster!

*Focus on the end results. Most worthy goals take time. Say you have your own business and you're trying to increase your income. First you cut out some non-essentials that will help your budget and maybe you bring in a few new clients or contracts. Right now this may seem like mere pennies in a bucket, but over time these small steps add up. Energy works on inertia. It's hard to get it moving, but once it does there's often a snowball effect! If you focus on where you want to be, it's easier to take steps daily that will help get you there. "The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step."

*Constant reminders. Out of sight equals out of mind. Don't lose sight of your dreams! Write down your goals on a card and carry it with you. Make it a habit to read this several times a day-in the morning, at lunch, and in the evening. Many multi-millionaires have used this tip to stay focused and remind themselves of their goals. Write your goals on Post-its and stick them around the house. Send yourself a motivational voicemail and listen to it daily, or at least when you find your energy failing.

*Tell others. By letting friends and family know that we're pursuing our goals it makes it a bit more difficult to toss it aside when we lose our motivation. Pride often keeps us going. When someone asks you, "Hey, how's your project going?" You don't want to reply, "Oh, I lost motivation. I gave up. I couldn't do it." (Oh you may have a list of other excuses, but basically that's what you're saying.)

Staying motivated takes practice, but it's a skill anyone can learn. The more changes you see in your life, however small at first, the more incentive you have to tackle more and more goals. You CAN change your life. It doesn't matter where you currently are that matters, the future is up to you!
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How Do People Become Successful?

Here's an interesting fact you may not know about. In America, there is a millionaire made every 5-10 minutes! And here's the most surprising thing. Most of these millionaires (around 80%) either didn't finish college, came from poor families or didn't even speak English as their first language!
So when you actually look at who millionaires are, you realize that virtually all of them started out as ordinary people just like you and me. So if they did not come from rich families or win the lottery, how did they do it?
Well, millionaires became millionaires by learning the skills needed to make them rich. This shows us success is just a skill that anyone can learn, regardless of how well you did at school. If you are willing study success and discipline yourself to apply the knowledge you have learned, then you could also become a millionaire.
Learning The Skills Of Success
So why should you learn about success anyway? Well, think about when you first started driving. What did you have to do? You booked an instructor, and learned how to drive a car from someone who was already good at driving. In other words, you learned a new skill from a person who already had that skill.
But now suppose you decided you didn't need an instructor and decided to take to the road by yourself, learning things as you went along. Can you imagine what would happen?
Well, if you didn't first get pulled over by the police, there would be a fairly good chance you would either a) crash or b) have an accident! Can you see where I am going with this?
Success, just like driving is a skill. Those who learn about success get to where they want to go, those who don't learn the skills of success crash on their way. It really is that simple.
Obstacles To Success
In ancient times people used to think that the Earth wasn't round. So most people made sure that they didn't sail very far because they were afraid that if they did, they would fall off the Earth! Today we know this as the flat Earth theory.
However it was soon discovered the Earth was not flat, but in fact it was round! When people heard about this they were no longer scared about failing off the Earth, and so began to sail to new and far away lands.
This story is a great example of how what we believe to be true can either limit our life, or expand it. It also shows us that if you want to go somewhere you first have to believe that you can do it. In other words, our belief systems greatly influence the world around us and ultimately the success we will achieve.
So the two important points to take away from this article are:
1) Success is just a skill. If you learn that skill you can become successful regardless of who you are.
2) Your beliefs play a big role in determining the type of success you will achieve.
So achieving success is quite simple. Learn from people who already have the skills of success and believe that you can achieve success. However this does not mean things will be easy!
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How to Improve Your Acts and Behavior for Overall Success

Self improvement is not a very hard objective to achieve. If one is really interested to feel the taste of success than it has to be found out first that what the real cause of previous failure was. It really happens that we know the exact reason of our failure but we don’t go ahead to remove the problem. We mostly try to avoid the real truth of failure and want to forget that bad time. We generally think we will not be successful and it lowers the confidence level. If we are really working in an area that has opportunities then we will surely get success. The state of mind is needed to be improved to get success.

Talk to a close friend
The best way to improve your acts and behavior is to talk with a close friend. Don’t feel shy to share your problems. Try asking about your acts and behavior. The opinion of your close friend could prove very helpful. Your friend would be able to explain the reason of your failure. You can also ask his judgment about your manners such as if you speak too loud or if you have good manners while dealing with other people. Your friend will give you a sincere opinion which will help you in correcting your mistakes. Your friend will think that you want to change yourself and you want to improve.

Don’t feel de-motivated
The second important tip is not to feel de-motivated after a failure. Try increasing your self confidence by doing more practice and remove negative and bad thinking about yourself.

Be in yourself
Don’t feel if you think that you are not very beautiful. Don’t give any attention to those who think that they are more attractive and beautiful then you or anyone else. It absolutely never means that if a person is not beautiful than it is the end of the world. For a good life, inner attractiveness always counts more in comparison to your outer attractiveness. With the passage of time, outer attractiveness becomes lighter with time but inner attractiveness will always remain with you forever.

Help others
Always try to help people near you and try to bring smile on their faces. Always motivate those people who feel down and de-motivated in some situations.

Learn from your mistakes
Always learn from your past mistakes. Everyone commits mistakes and this is not something unnatural. After all every human beings can commit mistakes but never means that they will be committed next time also. Just remember your mistakes and situations and don’t repeat them next time.

These tips will prove very helpful for self improvement. It will help one in developing the personality and will also give inner stability. For the overall growth, these two things are really very important. They will help you to set a meaningful goal in your life and will encourage you in achieving that.

Never hesitate to appreciate other people. It will increase your internal beauty and personality and people will always like for appreciating them. It will increase your confidence and you will definitely achieve success in life.
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The Secret to Change

Most of us are slaves to habit and familiarity. Our present environment is a symbol of our present thoughts. My family is me, my job is me, my friends are me.

It has been observed a wounded animal will return to what is familiar. Because man is also an animal he likes familiarity and in time of trouble will also return to what is familiar. This bit of knowledge is how criminals are tracked down. For instance a white collar criminal who has expensive tastes in cars and fancy restaurants will not be difficult for the authorities to locate. He will be driving his favorite type of car to his favorite restaurant.

A wounded pet will make their way back home. There is a compelling force driving us to old surroundings because these surroundings remind us of how we were or are supposed to be-they are comforting and reassuring. It is no wonder old habits die hard. How do we break away from habit? What is the secret to changing a lifetime of habit?

There is very little growth in an adult. Researchers claim we stop using are brains around the age of thirty. We rely on what we have learned in the first thirty years to carry us over the next thirty. While I was studying NLP therapy, my instructor told me with counseling most people will only change about six percent. That wasn't high enough for me-I wanted to change the world. Scientists are not saying people who retire should go back to college to reactivate their minds. This has to be upsetting to those who have done the same things for sixty years. How does one go about changing years of habit?

Many people who have had near death experiences or have had severe trauma in their lives come away with instant change. Their lives are never the same and it is most noticeable by those most familiar with them.
Meaningful change does not have to come by hitting yourself over the head with a hammer-nor do you have to sign up for courses or college. Change can come fairly easily, in simple steps, which are subtle and for the most part unnoticeable.

Before change can come there needs to be a desire for change. A commitment to do something about it, and from there on it is simply a matter of developing a new habit-a habit of change. A complete lifestyle makeover can be accomplished over a period of time without the trauma from hitting yourself over the head with a hammer or leaving your present circumstances. Habits are physical demonstrations of a mind that is boxed. Habit simply means you are doing the same thing over and over again-there is no growth in repeating steps. The very meaning of life is-movement!

Lasting change does not come with making a change, but a with commitment to keep changing until it becomes a habit-a habit of change.
One of the best times to start your change is first thing in the morning. Commit yourself to making at least one tiny change everyday and it doesn't have to be the same change. Try turning your alarm ahead or back 10 minutes. In other words get up at a different time tomorrow morning. Probably, no one will even notice. Instead of going straight to the bathroom try walking through the kitchen first on the way. If brushing your teeth is one of your first rituals-change it. Or change the brand of tooth paste you are using.

Try leaving your house 15 minutes early for work one morning or take a different route-your will see new people and different things. When you go to the mall or shopping downtown-part away from the store you want to go into and try walking for a block or two-you will discover new things and maybe even meet someone new, or be reacquainted with someone you already know.

The point I am trying to make here is to make small subtle changes which will not upset your life or those around you. Make this your priority every day-to do something different.

What you are going to start noticing is how things start changing around you and how people will start to treat you differently. They will evolve at the same rate as you do. They will notice a change in you and want to know what it is. They will start paying more attention to you and may want to get closer.

When I get up each morning I make my way to the bathroom without turning on lights. In fact I keep the lighting in my place subdued most of the time. I like candles and indirect lighting and nothing too bright.

This morning I got up a little earlier went to the washroom with my eyes closed-came back to my computer and started writing this article. Halfway through the article I thought about my morning tea and what I have been writing about. I decided to turn on all the lights in the kitchen/living room. Two things stood out for me-there were a few dirty dishes in the sink and my living room was very colorful. The colour was coming from things that were in the room.

I decided to wash the dishes and after wards I made breakfast for myself instead of meeting my co-workers at the restaurant. I also went to work an hour later than I normally do and managed to complete this article and there are no dishes in the sink.

I normally do not recommend making these many changes in such a short period. However, I have been practicing for some time so when I make a change it usually leads to several changes and it last the rest of the day. From time to time I find myself goofing off and returning to old habits, but I do not chastise myself. I simple notice the change and make corrections-after all, it's the trip that counts-not getting there. Also, if I am noticing old habits, it simply means I am aware and that is exactly what I want-awareness. With the awareness of change comes opportunity for change.

As you cultivate your habit of change, you will begin to make bigger changes and you will start ranging out. You growth will start to accelerate and you may find yourself in conflict with those around you and who know you the best.

Remember this-people will not want you to change-they will try to hold you back. It is very important during this process for you to find new friends and people who will support you. There are others who cherish growth and nurture it in others. For the most part your family and friends will not support you. They have expectations of who you are and how you should be-and many people do not want to be left behind. If you are growing and they are not, they will not be able to relate to you the same way-you will remind them that they are not growing. They won't want to be stuck at the station watching you get on the bus and leaving.

Plan ahead for your transformation-dedicate yourself to changing your circumstances. Be thoughtful of yourself and the feelings of others-most importantly trust your instincts and don't back down. Don't make any big steps until you are ready-firmly establish your routine of change. At some point you may find a niche that feels right and you may not want to go any further-that is OK. Start over with little changes keep up the habit no matter how settled you are. Small changes don't have to lead to major upheavals. Sometimes they are just the spices which make the rest more interesting and satisfying. The secrets to changing are small secrets which you discover everyday. You find them by looking for them in everything you do-everyday!
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Implementing Higher Order Thinking Skills For Self Improvement

Positive thinking is an avenue utilized by lots of individuals in the world over for many different reasons. It is a way of using the mind and its creative thinking to allow positive thoughts, dreams, ideas, goals and other notions to drift through your mind, allowing for a greater comprehension and acceptance of these things. By practicing higher order thinking skills, you are opening yourself up to experiencing good and beneficial results in your life. You will begin to see the good in situations instead of focusing on negative areas, you will not be confined on things that have brought you unhappiness - instead you will see it as a learning curve.

Not everybody believes in the power of positive thinking and they scoff at the idea of the subconscious mind playing a role in setting our goals. They do not believe that creative thinking can have any impact on their life whatsoever and that anything they acquire in life is all due to fate - it was meant to happen that way. This is a perfectly reasonable attitude to have but it does seem somewhat narrow minded to those who practice higher order thinking skills.

The subconscious mind plays a very essential part in the process of positive thinking, it is utilized to allow thoughts to enter a person's consciousness and grow in a beneficial method. The law of attraction is also utilized in creative thinking, this is the theory that if a person thinks with regards to achieving something in life for long enough it will happen. Just thinking about something however is not the way in which the law of attraction works - for instance you might dream about owning a mansion but that is as far as it goes.

The law of attraction works on a various intensity, when used in connection with positive thinking it is argued that a person will take subtle steps to obtaining what they desire. They might not be fully aware that they are doing this, and this is where the subconscious mind comes into its functions. A person may think about retraining for a career change, they may begin to engage in goal setting and start to behave in a different way. All of these things are small changes and they may take time but they are all working towards the acquisition of these goals.

Individuals who contract potentially fatal diseases such as cancer, usually turn to positive thinking, as a way of strengthening themselves from within. As a matter of fact, those who have used positive thinking when facing treatments have found that they have had beneficial outcomes. They face each day with a renewed positive attitude and with higher order thinking skills, which come from positive thinking and this can have an outstanding impact on their recovery. Their subconscious mind is feeding their body with positive energy and this boosts their total being, aiding recovery and invigorating them.

Positive thinking is what you make it and if you are able to allow your subconscious mind to help you with goal setting you will be on your way to attaining whatever you want to achieve in life.
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How to Have Power over Others.

If power begins in controlling something, then are we powerless prior to controlling?

Yes and no.
We have potential, which is a power in itself, but unused and undirected potential is NOTHING.

Are we powerless prior to controlling?

I would say we are not powerless, but ignorant (Which is a version of powerlessness, I guess.)

We don't know that we have power and don't know to know to test it.

The end of all powerlessness begins with awareness.

A Samurai Warrior would learn this by practicing a meditation of sitting on the top of a mountain with his arm extended and sword pointing skyward in a position ready to fall. He would meditate on that fleeting moment when a balanced piece of metal would turn into an unpredictable falling/killing weapon. His awareness was on the potential of the weapon. When he learned that then he could study the application of it's power.

What is power?
What is power like?
How great is power?
Where is power now?

To Know. To Will. To Dare. To Keep Silent.
These were the powers of the Sphinx and they remain dormant in all of us to one degree or another.

You don't know what you don't know. Thus you must seek knowledge in whatever realm you wish to control.

You must Will and Dare to use that knowledge.

To keep silent. This is where power turns to craft. It is the most subtle application of power. So subtle it may seem that things are all happening in your favor when in fact they happen by your design.

A bolder resting precariously on a cliff, a bow string pulled tight, these have a quality of potential force, What the Chinese strategist, Sun Tsu, called "shih". With just the right action and the force is unleashed.

The silent art of power and control is to see the potential force in everything and arrange it so that, if released, it works in your favor.

The keys to this power are first to know what you want far into the future and to know it in rich and glorious detail. The next step is to develop a presice and detailed plan to your goal and to meditate upon it day in and day out. By having this constantly on your mind you will function with the greatest efficiency toward your goal.

You will see the world about and know "This action will lead me to my goal. This action will lead me nowhere."

This task that is unnatural for most of us because of our natural tendency to focus on the thoughts of the present and to respond to the urgencies at hand. To master this skill we must alter our thinking and see every action that we perform as an act of manipulating "shih".

To do this is the height of Sphinx-like power and makes mere men to seem magical as if they controlled the forces of nature.
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Two Powerful Ways To Boost Your Self Confidence

Low self confidence can stand in your way just when you need it most; where you cannot be at your best, where you start to stumble or stutter, where you start looking down at your shoes, where you fidget or turn away and walk back into your limited comfort zone.

Well, I have great news for you!

Feeling and becoming confident quickly, almost instantaneously, is possible, and you can do it. With repetition and continued practice within a short period of time you will have all the confidence that you ever wanted; you can have supreme, unlimited self confidence.

Here are two powerful ways to get you started. They will help you gain self confidence and make you feel better about yourself quickly:

1. Do something you are good at

When you do something that you are competent and proficient at, you will quickly feel the surge of self confidence that comes with the feeling behind your skill and talent.

What are you great at? Painting, writing, cooking, jogging, holding parties and conferences, perhaps gardening. What is your strongest talent or skill? Once you have indentified what you feel awesome at, think deep how that strength makes you feel. Allow that self confidence to flow through your entire body.

Keep focused on those feelings. And when you feel that you are ready think about the situation or event you do not feel comfortable about and transfer the confident feelings into that situation.

Feel yourself being more competent, courageous and confident as you tackle that situation. At your peak of confidence say three times, ‘Yes, that’s me!’ and notice how much more confident you have become.

Do that technique daily or as often as you can so as to strengthen it.

2. Remember all the things you have accomplished

This technique is an extension of the one above. Get yourself a note pad and jot down as many accomplishments that you can remember; particularly write the ones that you thought were going to be hard, but ended up being rather easy, or easier than you had anticipated.

Here are a few examples: any exams that you passed despite thinking that you wouldn’t; or an important meeting that you chaired with greater ease and confidence than you expected; hosted a party for your child that you never thought you could pull off. Think of as many scenarios as you can remember.

The idea here is to use these successful memories as points of reference. You thought you would never achieve them and yet you did. What does that tell you? It tells you that you have more self confidence that you think you have.

Combine the two strategies together and you have the ingredients to be a confident winner. Reinforce them with repetition and in due course nothing can stop you doing whatever you want or desire.
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Self Improvement Tips To Benefit You!

Self Development is a key component of any successful person. Today I explore the word Failure - and why it isn't real!

No-one is actually born successful are they? no - not even Paris Hilton! (debatable whether she ever was of Wax...OMG!) Anyway -

I am a true believer that those who choose to actively acknowledge their issues and seek to improve their situations are the only ones who really succeed in life (makes sense?)

Self improvement is not for everyone though - there always has to be the whingers amongst us! But somewhere, someday, somehow we all must take responsibility for ourselves and stand up and be counted! We must take responsibility to improve ourselves and make it a top priority in our lives!

Most people have had bad situations in their life or childhood that can make for a really good excuse, to not make the most out of life. I choose not to allow any of the misfortunes in my life to be excuses for moving forward and being successful!

I choose to get on with it and be a success at everything I do! - You can too!

Today.......I want to start by exploring the unreal word that is - FAILURE!

  Have you shade away from something new, just out of fear of failure? I know I have in the past!As a matter of fact - most people have at some time in their life! I know it and you know it - no one likes to fail. Can anyone put their hand up and say they are happy to feel like they're ineffective, inefficient, weak or lacking in any way? not me! that's for sure!

Think about this - failure doesn't exist - not until YOU say it does, anyway! If you get out the old dictionary - you will find several definitions of the word 'failure'. You will find some of these: a state of inability to perform a normal function adequately, a failing to do or perform, a lack of success, a fracturing or giving way under stress.

Check out these definitions - do you see what they have in common if you consider goal acheivement: failure is merely a PERCEPTION.

If you believe you have failed, then you most certainly have! If you believe you don't have the ability to succeed, then you don't. and you won't! If you believe you can't handle the pressure of achieving your goals, surely you wont reach them! If you believe you're not or can't be successful, you're not and you won't be! Failure only really exists in your own mind! The moment you decide to give up or stop working toward your goals, failure is born and it is real.

Lets say that you never do that though? You never say this sort of negative stuff and instead, you strive to reach your goals, bit by bit, baby step by baby step - there's no failure then, is there?

This little snippet of info should be particularly encouraging if you've been working hard towards your goals but are not yet seeing many or any positive results yet. All you need to do is keep going and you cannot fail! Now this is self improvement at the roots! Improve your mindset! - You CAN do it! You WILL do it! You ARE doing it!

Here are three tips to improve yourself and keep your mind strong and focused on your goals:

1) Never allow yourself an easy way out. Heaps of people do this without even knowing they are doing it! They are happy to work hard on their goals until the going gets too tough or its not as easy as they thought and then they give up. Don't do that! Commit yourself to making your goals happen, no matter what! Never quit, never admit failure, never lose your determination.

2) Don't set yourself up by putting unrealistic time frames on your goals! It's okay to set a general timeframe, but surely you have to know that circumstances are not always in your control (crap happens!) so you can't be totally sure when your goal will actually be achieved. Do you feel like, in order to claim success you must set an exact time to complete your mission? If so - you are really just aiming for failure! Don't do that! Instead, get a general idea of when you'd like your goal to be completed, but then take it a day at a time and focus on making progress towards you goal, not on reaching the finish line in as little time as possible. (sensible? - I think so!)

3) Finally, are you one of these people that see obstacles and setbacks as failures? The two are completely different. An obstacle, setback or delay means only one thing: it's not time for your goal to be achieved yet. That's it! It doesn't mean you failed; it simply means you're not done yet. You've got to keep moving forward and find a way around the problem.

I personally believe that self development and self improvement should be a daily mission for everybody who really wants to succeed in life.
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