Living Large

Living Large. I think any one would love to live and not worry about anything. Most people right now are loosing their homes. Why you think this is happening. For simple reason, people are loosing their homes, because the can not afford it. Make more money buy a property that you not going to worry about the payments. Calculate every expense you going to have and then purchase it, but only if you can afford it. My advise to you is not to rely on anybody but you self.
About two years ago people were buying properties like crazy. Everyone wanted to make money. The banks were giving out loans with out any down payment. A lot of people where buying 2, 3 properties that they could not afford. They thought, hey I will buy this property right now and then in a half a year I will sell it. I will make few hundred thousands. That's good money, why not. Wait a second here. You have to look at the picture realistically. For example, let's take these properties. Properties where growing all the time. Every year they where going up and up. Come on, houses in Los Angeles where million bucks. That's normal single family home. These prices are ridicules. But people still bought it. Just look at the whole picture and see details. Everything will be clear to you.
Think about what every you are buying. May be you won't even need to buy a house. May be you just need a condo or something like it. The coast for the property going to add up. Make sure that you know every single thing.
It's better to save up the money and open up a business that's going to bring you money, than buy a house and only think about how you going to make the payments. Before buying anything expensive, think about it for a few month, do research, and know details. Prepare yourself for the purchase. Make correct decisions about purchasing something.
Living large is when you have money to buy anything you lay your eye on. Imagine your walking in the mall and you really what to buy something. For example a computer. You walk into the store talk with the representative from the store, and suddenly the light bulb lights up on top of your head. And you say, I am going to buy this whole mall. I will have the products and I will make the money. The location is great, there are always many people in the mall. You do your calculations, the numbers come out to profit. And you buy the mall and make even more money.
Make money, and don't stop. There is enought for everyone! :)