Persistence is very important for successful people. Sorry, it is important for everyone. Anything you do, figure out if what ever your doing is useful for you. If yes, then you have to keep doing what your doing. But if you think that you have a bad habit, you absolutely have to change that. No questions asked. Person needs to do what ever they have to. For example, if you would ever do what ever you wanted, what would happened with you. What kind of a person you would be. What kind of a job would you have? Where would you stand at this point? I think you get the point.
All our lives we being what we were told to do. Very little portion of our life is when we do whatever we want to do. Do you agree with me? Persistence, persistence, and once more persistence my friends... When you have a skill and you are persistent with that skill, you will become an expert in your field. You will be the best. Ask yourself a question, What am I going to get out of it. When you will be the est expert in your field, that mean that you will be paid a lot more. You will be paid more then other people.
Why do companies want to hire the best personal? Because companies want to expend, they want to grow, and the only way they going to grow, when they have expert working for them.
Once again... Remember to be persistent at all times, grow in your fields. make sure that what ever your doing becomes a habit, a good, positive habit, so it would be easier for you to improve.