Get a Perfect Job

Do you remember when you where a little and you always said... When I grow up I'll become...
Something in life always changing and all of us have to adapt. One way or another we do what we have to do. get a job that we have to get so we could support our selves or do something completely different that we thought we going to do. For example, how many people are in school because of the parents or their partners? Many young adults are going to school because their parents said so. After graduating from high school as it is we have to go to college and get our degree. Do you know that after graduation only 10% of graduates are going to college. Do you know that only about 3% - 5% of students that went to college graduating with BA. Have you ever thought about this? As we always heard from our parent, do what you want, but you have to do this. You have to do it because it's right, that's the correct way to go.
We have to make our choices for our selves not somebody else have to make that choice for us. We are the constructors of our future and don't let anybody tell you different. Get a job that you always wanted. There are so many school that you can graduate and get a degree in a specific field with no time. I mean it will be a lot faster then going to college. You have to educate yourself all the time. Progress, progress, progress. Make decisions, make hard decisions. It's ok to make mistake, because you will learn from your mistakes. You will find the way to get to the top.
Get the job that you always wanted, be happy and enjoy your life.

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