Full Success

What do you think it takes to always succeed at what ever you do? It takes a full potential of you. Everything you have just put it on the table. Place it on the table and say this is what I have and this is what I am going to do with my qualities. With all the qualities that I have, I will make the best to succeed. Be careful, don't cheat yourself. You have to be true with yourself at all times. Because if you cheat yourself your simply not going to make it. Think about it, if you are working on a project and the results are not so good. By cheering yourself up some people say... "oh, it's ok. These are the best results" When the same person asked if they had put everything they had for the project, guess what the respond would be? "Yeah, put put everything i have for this project. All my time when to make this project happen". Man, how can you say anything if you didn't even do half of it.
Because people are lying to themselves, they are not getting to their 110% of their potential. Think about one thing that your excellent at. Probably your great at it because first of all you were always true to yourself about it and you just wanted it so bad. When you were going to bed at night you thought about next day to practice your skill. Same thing here, there is no trick. All you have to do is to become an expert at what you do. Then you will be the best at and you will always succeed, because you know every step for the solution. The equation is no problem as long as you know the formula to apply to the solution.
Think about success all the time. Imagine in your hear how you will perform. How you will be in. certain situations. The best things to say to yourself are... "I am the best, I know what I am doing, I will succeed". Tell this things to yourself from the bottom of your heart. You will feel different right away. You will feel good about yourself. When person feels good about themselves they automatically succeed because of positive energy they have.
I could give you so many examples, but most important is for you to imagine the times when you felt excellent about yourself and apply that feeling in your new goal.