In order for a business man to succeed, they need to have a passion. Passion to do what ever is necessary to achieve their goals. The drive that you have towards your goals. Total commitment to job, to hobby that will turn you around and you will be successful in that field. You have to be the best at what you do. And If you want to get payed more, you definitely have to do more then you do right now.
Passion is the same thing as drive. For example, you have a motor. The motor runs on electricity. Then you upgrade your motor to make it run on gas. You start using the 91 gas. Plus you have supercharge button. Ok, now you have a brand new motor that you use. Let's say that this motor is you. Right now you work your regular hours, 8 hours a day. Your on the electric mode. Then you try working with passion. You have up grated and you run on gas 91. With time you get used to the idea and you 8 hours a day become 9. Soon you will see the result. The result ofyour seccess will bring you an option to put in a super charge, the naz (completely safe). You hook up a supercharge to your motor. Sence you have already got used to the idea working with passion towards your work, you get the super charge. thinking about your work and thinking about the success that you already got because you had that dirive got you exited and ou want to do more. Then you press the super charge button and go a fast as you can, to the maximum of your potentiol. When you work with passion, eventually you get used to the idea and work with passion all the time, achieve your goals much faster and get more results and more income.
Advice: You have reached your full potential and the week is over. You have seen your results and your happy with them. On the weekend you go out, parting or what ever. Monday work time, you don't have that drive. What you need to do. Imagine the prosess again. Do the same thing that you did week before. Know that you will get the resuls that wanted. And everything will comeback. Just think about your success and I'm sure that you will have it in you.