Millionaire's Save...

Take an example from millionaires, save money. Know how to save money is very important because with practice you will become better at it and save more money for yourself. Self made millionaires know how to save money and know how to save money on the products that they are buying. They can invest in the products and make more money than they have invested. There are 4 categories on saving money when buying new products. 1 the lie cycle. 2 monthly payments. 3 purchase planning. 4 discounts.
In category #1, millionaires have their shoes repaired and or restored. 70% of millionaires repair their shoes. They buy refinished furniture, which means that they buy used and have it repaired 48%. Or they buy new, once the furniture looks old, they don't buy new furniture. They simply repair it. And instead of buying new clothes millionaires have it altered or mended 36%.
In category #2, in summer time millionaires raise the thermostat in their air conditioner, 57%. At home they switch long distance calls companies 49%. Also, millionaires plan and pay off their home mortgages faster than schedule 48%.
In category #3, millionaires have the shopping list made before shopping 71%. They use discount coupons. Millionaires choose to buy top rated appliance and motor vehicles 44%. And when they got everything that was on the shopping list they go home 36%.
In category #4, millionaires are working with discount brokerage firms to save money 25%. And they buy household supplies in bulk at warehouses 49%.

The % is out of all millionaires in US.