Self Made Millionaire Secret

Research and experience - do what other successful people do. As it was said before, do what other successful people do and you will be successful. Stand on the shoulders of giants. For example if you take a successful person and present them as a giant. Then we take somebody that is not successful and call them a midget. After you got this, imagine a midget standing on a should of a giant. Ask your self a question, which person would see further? You is correct, it's going to be a midget. The giant's head is not going to be bigger than midget's. So from this you can tell right away the you can do same thing as a successful person and become more then them.
dream big dreams - do you dream? Dream and forget your dreams or you have a specific goal that you are following? People, don't be afraid follow your big dream. Become millionaires, famous, super stars, successful business man and women. Follow your goals every day. Don't get me wrong here. Do just become a dreamer and expect to be a millionaire. You have to do something every day to move forward to the dream you have. Use your special talents to get to your dream faster. When you reach one of your dreams, don't you stop, keep on going. Think big and do thing to make your dreams turn into reality.