How Self-Education Makes You a Fortune

Normal education will make you a living, but self-education will make you a fortune.
- Jim Rohn

As an entrepreneur, you already possess some of the wonderful skills and characteristics for success. However, no one can be expected to know everything and perfectly possess all of the strengths for success. That means it’s important to spend time, energy and even money to improve yourself both personally and professionally. When you take time and action toward self-improvement, you’re preparing yourself to not only be ready for future opportunities but to be able to recognize and embrace future opportunities.

Self-Education offers you the ability to:

• Broaden your horizons

• Expose yourself to new people, thoughts, ideas, practices, philosophies, and opportunities

• Enrich your soul

• Strengthen your self confidence

• And embrace all of those marvelous entrepreneurial qualities you already possess.

Continual and regular improvement helps you hone your entrepreneurial strengths. It helps you improve yourself not necessarily where you are weak but where you desire growth. One of the amazing characteristics of entrepreneurs is the ability to adapt quickly and stay one-step ahead. You’re superior at looking to and planning for the future.

Just as it is important to evaluate your business plan and strategies regularly, it’s also important to do that for yourself. Regularly evaluate your strengths and weaknesses and create a plan for self-improvement.

Performing regular assessment of your strengths, skills and weaknesses, is the best way to make sure you’re not only growing but also ready for changes and the opportunities they present. Just as the world of internet business changes so do you. You are in a constant state of evolution.

One True Constant

Someone once said that there is one true constant in life – change. That includes you. You are in a constant state of evolution. When you spend time evaluating how you’ve changed and where you want to go, you can plan for the future both personally and professionally. In addition to honing your professional skills and driving profits, consider what you have to gain personally.

• Satisfaction with your job

• Pride in your accomplishments

• Mental stimulation and self-awareness

• Personal connections

• Self confidence

• Self awareness

• Improved quality of life

• Contentedness

Passion and Personal and Professional Development

A career and business without passion is a life unfulfilled. When you have passion for what you do, abundance follows.

In The Power of Intention by Dr. Wayne Dyer, he writes on the seven faces of intention. One of the faces of intention is love. He says, “if you aren’t doing what you love and loving what you do, your power of intention is weakened. You attract into your life more of the dissatisfaction that isn’t the face of love.” Consequently when you are doing what you love, what you’re passionate about, you attract more into your life.

In Mindmap to Riches How to Create Lasting and Sustainable Wealth Online, we talk about how to build a profitable business on something you’re passionate about. This is important for many reasons including the fact that passion is contagious and when you’re excited about something others will be to. This opens doors for opportunities and profits. It also means you’re enjoying what you’re doing and are more productive with your time. It really is easier to accomplish something you enjoy doing than to accomplish something you don’t enjoy doing.

In that vein passions also often align themselves with skills and strengths. When your passion and your strengths and skills align, the results are profitable both professionally and personally.

Personal development in areas you’re passionate about helps you grow as a person and an entrepreneur. If you’re not growing, you’re dying – the same is true for your business. When you know your strengths, you can focus on those, improve those. Your strengths are what make you successful.

Passion also brings excitement and motivation to learn and when your strengths and passion are aligned, the sky is the limit. When you know what your strengths are, and conversely when you know your limitations too, it gives you the power, courage, and information to make wise decisions about your business and your life.

Continually educating yourself, not only in areas where you’re strong in business but in areas you’d like to explore, is one of the best ways to continue to stay on top of your game as an entrepreneur. It will keep your mind fresh and open to new ideas and opportunities.

Strategies to Fit Development into Your Busy Life

You might be scratching your head and wondering how you’re going to fit all this personal and professional development into your already busy life. Owning and operating, and hopefully growing, a business can certainly be a full time job and if you’re balancing it with another full time job, friends, family and those outside activities, which help you stay balanced and happy, then you’re right. It might seem as if there is absolutely no room to budge, no time in your schedule - personal and professional development may seem like a pipe dream.

The good news is where there’s a will there’s a way. Let’s take a look at a few strategies to fit personal and professional development into your busy life.

• Go Online. Online education is in high demand and there are courses, workshops and teleseminars on just about every topic under the sun. From personal development to professional development, the benefits of on-line training are relatively apparent for anyone looking at furthering their education. You save both time and money and online education gives you the power to fit it into your schedule as you see fit.

• Online you can also find wonderful support groups, mentors, coaches, and mastermind groups. That way you can participate wherever you are and whenever it fits into your schedule.

• Hit the library and bookstore. Books, whether audio books or print, are an excellent tool to self-improvement. Audio books are wonderful for commuting or listening too while you’re waiting. Again, these are low cost, low commitment, high results learning tools.

• Check into your community offerings. Many communities offer learning opportunities. What’s better than finding inspiration and education in your own community? It’s a great way to connect to other business owners in your community as well as potential clients and it’s significantly more convenient than hopping on a plane to attend a 7-day workshop.

Self-improvement, both personally and professionally, is a great way to embrace life. When you take time and action towards self-improvement, you’re preparing yourself to be ready for future opportunities and to be able to recognize and welcome future opportunities. Continual and regular improvement helps you hone your entrepreneurial strengths, it drives opportunity and it helps you embrace and profit from change.
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What makes you more attractive?

For a guy, being more attractive has nothing to do with looks, wealth or dick size, it has to do with something else...

Let me share with you two gems of wisdom in the topic of flirting.

1) Do you know what's the most important (and most little-known) quality a man MUST have if he wants to approach a truly desirable woman... and... have any chance of success! (Women will overlook everything else except this.)

A: Self-Esteem.

A man with truly high self-esteem would never consider the fact he might be unattractive to even the most beautiful woman in the world. being attractive to a woman has to do by far with confidence. That's why you'll see those bad boys getting the best girls even if they are not physically attractive.

Confidence is NOT the same as cockiness. Confidence is being absolutely certain of your inner worth and that you are a good person. Self-esteem is the keystone to confidence.

Confidence is like catnip to women. No woman (except one who is emotionally damaged) wants a man who feels unsure of himself. She doesn't want her man to be cocky, arrogant and conceited. But, she will be vastly turned on by a man who is competent, and quietly confident in all aspects of his life.

Being bold and confident whenever you're flirting will make you attractive to any woman. Now my question to you is: How confident you feel at flirting?

According to master motivator Anthony Robbins, by altering your body's physiology, you can achieve an immediate change of your emotional state. The mind will follow whatever state your physical body is in and not vice-versa.

This means that you'll feel confident if you behave confident. Think of it for a second...

How would you be standing if you'll be feeling completely confident?, What would you be saying to yourself if you'll feel completely confident?

Even if you think you're not confident, pretend to be confident and you'll portray an image of self-confidence that will make you more attractive to the opposite sex.

2) Do you know what's the single most important thing a woman can do to make herself more attractive to other women?

A: Hinting to the other woman that you're attracted to her!

Mind you, I'm saying "hinting" and not "telling" or "showing. Telling or showing might be too much for a woman who has never considered being with another woman, and if she hears from you that you're attracted to her, she might run away from you as fast as she can and never ever talk to you again!

Hinting in the other hand, leaves them guessing and in suspense.

They'll start being curious and wondering what it might be like. I suggest you take advantage that women are a very curious! Having this in mind it's a good idea YOU take the initiative in seducing a another woman.

You'll be surprised how open women will be to your approach if you flirt with them and you take a bit the "seducer's role". In reality this is one of the most important secrets I can reveal in this manual.

According to the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public health, lesbian and bisexual women have an average of 4 times more sex partners than do their hetero counterparts over the course of a life time.

That doesn't mean that we are sluts! That's an absolute misconception that infuriates the bisexual community! We don't sleep around with everybody! We're very selective when it comes to sexual playmates. But having that said, it's important you understand that we're WELL over the stupid sexual "restrictions" and stigmas set by society for women. We enjoy taking flirting matters in our hands, we're well aware that the best way to seduce women for threesomes or girl on girl sex is to be as direct as possible without telling them what our intensions are.

As in our culture women are not generally trained to be sexually aggressive; most of what a woman knows how to do is make herself available and then sit back and wait for the other person to do the work. Even if she's interested unless you "hint" this to her, she'll not move forward.

Remember: If two women are both sitting back and waiting for the other to do the work, then nothing will happen!

Suzy Bauer
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Why Are People Apathetic Towards Personal Growth Development

As someone keenly involved in the personal growth development movement, the apparent apathy of the majority of people towards the subject has been worrying me of late. I have been continually asking myself why? Are people more interested in 'the material' than in their own self?

As I recall, none of my extended family have ever expressed a desire to improve themselves. Neither have any of my friends and coleagues from over all the years, ever expressed such a desire.

I embarked upon an open university course to study the environment from 1999 - 2004, but did this improve me as a person? Beyond the field of study, I don't think so, I was only educating myself. Self improvement wasn't the agenda anyway.

I suppose people assume they will become wiser and a better person as they get older, or don't they even think of it at all?

Even if someone does think they wish they were a better person, it's so easy to say "but this is the way I am" and accept the status quo.

I remember, whilst in regular business for someone else, I never considered that I needed self improvment studies. When you are in full time employment, perhaps with kids to look after, meals to cook, a house to clean, or a game to catch on TV, where is the time for self indulgence?

Because that's exactly what introspection is - a form of self indulgence.

Yet in google, many people are searching and looking to improve...

* Self Improvement- 90,000 + global searches / mo
* Personal Development- 135,000+ global searches / mo

Who are these people, 225,000 searches out of a world population of 6.785 billion (as of Sept 09), is no great percentage. Is it that introspection only occurs when one has free time on hand?

Certainly the greatest self-thinker of all time - Buddha - who was a noble prince, had the time for introspection because he was privaleged and beyond subsistence living when he started his life long journey.

If we look at Maslow's hierarchy of needs* we may begin to see the answer.

Deficiency needs must be met before an individual can focus on higher needs. The necessity to house, cloth and feed ones family has to be achieved firstly before any other need.

It is not until the fifth growth need of Self Actualization that an individual can focus on introspection. People in self actualization have a psychological drive for personal growth, they are the seekers of knowledge. Maslow himself thought that only 2% of the world's population were predominantly self actuating.

So unless you are a student where you may be exposed to the idea of personal development when young, you will probably be in your 50s, where the kids have flown the nest, or when you have achieved your position in life, that you will be attending to your growth needs. :)

What Maslow recognised is only human nature; the hierarchy is a natual progression through which we all must strive, where some will never go beyond their Physiological and Security needs because of external influences. But what I am asking is - why wait this long before introspection and self evaluation? Cannot we recognise the importance of the characteristics of personal development goals before we enter the second half of our lives...

* Seek, Find and Follow Through Your Passion
* Recognise Your Talents
* Seek, Find and Nurture Your Inner Calm, Your Centre
* Never Allow Yourself To Become A Victim
* Take Resposibility For Your Life
* Gratitude
* Openess
* Be The Best You Can Be Every Single Day

...and how much better might our children's lives be by being exposed to these influences earlier rather than later?

It is my hope and desire that the 225,000 seekers in google will increase by 1 after you've digested this post dear reader, and that very soon the figure will increase to millions. You see, I don't think people are apathetic, they are just too busy living their lives to see beyond their immediate needs.

But oh what a better life they could lead if they only had the time to step back and indulge in a little introspection.
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Spirituality Moves You Away From Your True Self

When you try to be, or do a thing, what you are saying to the universe is that "I am not there yet," and it is this thought that keeps you from experiencing what you desire. By the law of attraction you can never be what you are trying to be.

It is the very same with the true nature of who you are. You are nothing experiencing "being" something. You already are what you think you are and your existence is a demonstration of the thought process which created you.

In the physical life you choose the different rolls or scripts you are playing. Trying to be spiritual is simply another script or play. You are spirit trying to find its way back to spirit. You are trying to define yourself by creating an illusional experience of one possibility of your existence.

From the second you awake into consciousness you recreate yourself in physical experience. While you were asleep you did not know yourself. When you awoke you started to put it all back together. I am awake, I am male, a spouse, father, employee that needs to stop thinking and get ready for work. Throughout the whole day you reaffirm your place in time and space and when you go to sleep again tonight you will have forgotten who you are. Everything you do, all day long, says this is me-this is who I am.

This is a false existence, an illusion and your ego requires this constant affirmation that it exists-it does not! The real you, the truth about who and what you are is what you were before you started thinking-before your mind gets involved.

To "be" you have to start from somewhere or nowhere. To be what you believe yourself to be right now-you started as nothing. So nothing is your true nature and everything else is made up. You cannot be nothing because nothing is not a state of being. However, from the knowledge of your true nature you can fully appreciate the illusion of what you now believe yourself to be.

From this understanding you will know nothing is all you will ever be and nothing is really all there is. You will also begin to understand that everything is nothing and nothing can not be created or destroyed. You will always exist in one form or the other.

The true magnificence and miracle of what you are is appreciated from this understanding. You will also understand that there is nothing you cannot be. You are everything. You are the creator and the created. You are the ego, tree, rock, sky, your friend, your enemy-you are all things which youexperience . You are not one with the tree or sea, you are them. It is only within the illusion of your own consciousness you believe otherwise.

The reason you cannot find the creator, your god, the source, is because it is you. And you can never experience being these things while you are looking for them. You can never experience what you truly are, while you are "being" something.

This does not mean you should turn away from the illusion. "Being" is the whole purpose for being here. There simply is "nothing" you have to be, do, or say to know who you truly are. The physical life was created for purpose-your purpose. The knowledge or truth about who you really are gives greater meaning to your purpose and what you chose toexperience before you started "being" it.

You come from nothing and you will go back to nothing, and in between you are nothing trying to experience being something. You are all there is and nothing. You are the expression of nothing. You do not go anywhere or be anything-you are all there is. "We" are not all one because there is no "we"-there is only the one.

When you know your true magnificence-you will experience being magnificent-you will know your awesome power and the true state of who you really are.

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Is the Law of Attraction Real? Find Out in 3 Steps

Instead of reading books and watching videos to figure out if the law of attraction is real, why not just put it to the test and find out for sure? This article will give you a blueprint for testing the law of attraction in your own life.
Let's not waste a lot of time talking philosophy here. The following paragraphs will outline a plan of action for answering your question: is the law of attraction real?
Open your mind to what follows. If you have a poor attitude and are unwilling to really apply yourself, you definitely will not get good results with this experiment.
- Step One - Be Happy With Right Now -
The bottom line is, if you can't be happy right here and right now, you never will be. So sit back for a moment and be glad - really glad - about the good things in your life.
You're reading this article, which means you probably have the gift of vision. And even if you are reading this page using software for the blind, you have access to the World Wide Web, which means you either have your own computer or you're healthy enough to get out and access a public one.
Focus on your blessings and truly appreciate them. Spend several minutes each day filling your mind with thankful happy thoughts about your life right now.
- Step Two - Experience What You Want -
Think about something that you would like to have or experience, and start with something small. Maybe you would like to see a particular old friend who has been absent for some time. Or perhaps you would appreciate an unexpected $50 in some form or another. Form a very vivid image of yourself holding your target desire or immersed in the experience you want.
Imagine this desire as if it were happening right now. See, hear, feel, even taste every details as clearly as possible. And begin to feel thankful for what it is you want to have or experience.
- Step Three - Trust -
After being filled with happiness and thanksgiving for your life, and calling forth the vivid image of something you desire, your next step is to allow the feeling or relaxed trust to wash over you. It is now a reality, and only a matter of time before you are holding or experiencing the thing you want.
Think of a time when you were in the car, on your way to pick up something you really wanted. You had the money in your pocket, and the store was holding the item until you arrived.
This is exactly the kind of sensation you need to call up for this step. Feel a sense of trust enter your awareness, as if you are only ten minutes away from holding your desire in your hand or watching it become a reality.
Don't get hung up on the actual when, just relate to the feeling of imminence.
Perform these three simple steps on a daily basis. Don't spend any energy on looking over your shoulder and wondering where your desire is; just be grateful for it and trust that it is on the way to you now.
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Personal Growth and Its...

All of the barriers that are in abode apropos to claimed advance are accepted to be acquired by six altered affidavit that humans don’t yield activity on all of the things that they admiration to acquaintance aural their life. The six barriers to claimed advance are:
1. The abridgement of claimed growth. The majority of humans artlessly aren’t traveling to yield any activity in adjustment to advance their claimed advance in adjustment to abundantly advance their lives by experiencing something that is new aural their life.
2. The abridgement of ability apropos claimed development. The majority of humans don’t accept what the accurate acceptation of claimed development is absolutely all about, so they are completed benighted if it comes to how they can advance their own activity forth with all of the added humans aural their environment.
3. The abridgement of ambience goals. You never apprehend anyone talked about the goals that they accept set for themselves and that is because they haven’t taken the time to do so yet.
4. The faculty of fear. The majority of humans feel a faculty of abhorrence at the time that they are accomplishing things that are traveling to accomplish them feel afflictive and yet they still don’t go through with it, so accordingly they will never apperceive what the acquaintance may be like.
5. Receiving abrogating acknowledgment from added people. You wouldn’t accept the bulk of humans that airing about accustomed forth accoutrements with them apropos to what has happened to them as a child. These humans accumulate the exact aforementioned ideas, animosity and cerebration so continued aural their lives that it just becomes a way of getting for that individual.
6. Advance barriers that were acquired during the time that they were growing up as an developed aural their life.
What is the capital acumen that several humans amid about the absolute apple accept a accomplished lot of barriers to their claimed advance today aural their lives? I commonly asked myself the exact aforementioned catechism apropos myself, and several of the added individuals that I accept been advantaged to apprentice from over the years aural this life.
Now that you are acquainted of the acumen that causes all of the barriers to claimed growth, you apperceive how to affected them and plan on those areas alone to get to area you charge to be in your self-help progress. Accept me, you can’t sit about and delay for your absolute activity to change appropriate afore your eyes and you be a absolutely altered person, you accept to accumulate on traveling and you can’t let annihilation angle in your way.

Good Change is Good for Self Improvement

The abstraction of change is cogent in your claimed advance goals.
It’s in the attributes of animal beings to be ever-changing people. Even if you sat down today and drew a account of all the backing you are and apperceive it’ll be amiss by tomorrow. This is because anniversary day you change a little, age actual hardly and aggregate new experiences. Why again are so abounding humans abashed by the anticipation of change? Why are so abounding of us cornball for the past? Maybe one of the affidavit for this is due to a abhorrence of the unknown?
In adjustment to get over any advisedly you ability acquire about change, you charge to accede yourself to be a plan in progress. Every accomplishment you attain or absorption you advance produces a change aural you. The greatest way to acknowledge in this bearings is to authority a adjustable attitude to life. Even if you are experiencing something negative, something challenging, or something mundane, you will advance and abound accordingly.
However, there are consistently traveling to be something’s you can’t change about yourself. Occasionally you can advance a little, but occasionally you can’t change at all. If you are a absolutely developed developed and 5 anxiety tall, you are absurd to accomplish yourself 6 bottom through assurance to change alone. Keep your goals reasonable by recognising in which areas you can become added adaptive and reflexive. Living appropriately is about accepting your limitations after putting yourself down for them.
Part of the progression of change is to accomplish mistakes. Animal beings are far from getting perfect, Allotment of the action of acquirements as animal getting is to accomplish mistakes and apprentice from them. The added we apprentice from our mistakes the added we apprentice about who we are as people. Whatever doesn’t annihilate you alone makes you stronger.
It is analytical that we become added advanced of ourselves if we wish to abide adaptive. Becoming afraid up over the accomplished will alone serve to accomplish us beneath airy in the face of trouble. Incorporating self-accepting behavior into your activity can absolutely accomplish a aberration in your life. A actual acceptable acumen why they are so accessible is because the animate alteration not admonishment. If you acquire self-accepting behavior you become encouraged to abode shortcomings after getting abrogating about them. If problems action or you behave poorly, you can acquaintance adapted and commensurable abrogating emotions. In general, humans are bigger botheration solvers if they are not emotionally worried!
Do you apperceive anyone who is wholly perfect? If you acquire alone codicillary self-belief, you acquire that you stop getting advantageous if you abort to accommodated a actual attenuated set of conditions. Placing acute restrictions on yourself will be counterproductive in the end. It is abundant bigger to be honest and openminded.
Bear in mind, just because you adopt to behave in a assertive way doesn’t beggarly you that you acquire to behave in a assertive way. Nor, does your abortion to act in that way accomplish you somehow inferior. Instead, this �failure’ supports the abstraction that you’re a careless animal able of behaving in differing agency at assorted times. In essence, abortion is assurance of your individuality as a animal being. Apprentice the assignment from it and move on. You should become added than a artefact of success and failure, for getting adaptive agency admiring learning.
Becoming adequate with yourself is acute for adapting to change and countering the abrogating aspects of life. You charge to be able to absolve yourself for the mistakes you accomplish in your activity as allotment of the action of benefiting from change. Apprentice to adjudicator not from your mistakes, but from your triumphs. After all isn’t a aberration just a ancillary aftereffect of learning? It is through this progression that you become a active and different individual.
Taking change actively does not beggarly you acquire to yield yourself too actively though. Accepting your shortcomings, and acquirements to beam at yourself, will do you far added acceptable than abode on the past. However, do not abatement in to the allurement of cerebration you are who you are and that’s the end of it ; if you abjure the mark in your behaviour, again you cannot just acquire that and move on.
Becoming added adaptive is a progression of both a alertness and accepting of all-embracing change. The band-aid is to yield accomplish to accomplish absolute changes in your activity now.