Motivation is very important for success. In order to have drive for your goal you need to have something that's going to motivate you throw the whole gurney. Person can only be motivated for 48 hours. So you need to have some kind of a motor that will keep you going.
Every person likes to do what ever they want to do. For example, you like to play sports. you play sports because you like to do it. There will be no boss to tell you to play or he will cut down your salary. You just do it because you love to do it. Have a specific goal. For example, you want to make $100K a year. This is your motivation. When you complete certain tasks, you will make $100K a year. This is your motivation. One day you wake up and you feel very lazy, don't want to do anything. Just the thought of $100K a year makes you want to do something about it.
Motivate other people, people around you. If you run a company and you have people working for you, you have to motivate them. Especially if the workers are on hourly wage. This is your job as a leader of company, as manager to make your workers complete the job. The results of work will be much better. Your company will progress towards growth much faster.
If you are working for someone, why do you need motivation? I'll tell you why. In the first place you need to motivate yourself. you need to motivate yourself because you will complete more work. Completing more work will show your boss that you can handle different tasks. Because you are doing better job than other, you might get a raise. Think as you are the boss of the company that your working for. Who would you give the promotion to? To self motivated person. Person that will complete any job that was given, and most effective worker.
Stay motivated!