Make a Million

Qualities and ways successful people have!
  • Do what other successful people do
  • Spend less then you were, save and invest the balance. Try to save 20% of your income. It's hard but if you save 20% of your income every month, you know what happens :)
  • You have to pay your self first and save the money. If you can't save 20%, you can start by saveing only 1% of income/ month
  • Be more thoughtful about spending money. The key to success is not how much you earn, but how much you keep
  • You can start saving by buying used items. For example if you really like a car and the cost of it is $30K. that's when it came out on the market. You wait a year or two and you can save $5K to $10K
  • Try to think about a month beore buying a product
  • Adding value in some way. 1) Do more important things 2) Do things faster. 3) More quality. 4) Increase convenience. 5) For the right price

Try to do all this things and you will see how your life is changing. Just try to follow this things, one at a time. I have no dout that you will have progress come to you. Basically if you like to do anything and you think, that's just the way it is. Wrong! Everything in life is learnable, you can learn to do anything or become anyne you desire. Even if you would like to become a millionare, you can. All you have to do is to follow the technics. Do what other successful people do and you will too become successful!