What is your true calling in life?

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Some of the most important questions that you ever ask yourself on your journey through life are questions such as, "Why am I here?" "What do I really, really want in life?" "Where am I going?" "If I achieve all my goals, what would it look like?"

The most successful people are invariably those people who spend the most time thinking about who they are and where they are going, and then constantly evaluating and re-evaluating their progress in light of who they are and what they really want.

The starting point of great success is for you to realize that you are truly extraordinary! There has never been anyone in the entire universe just like you. You have remarkable abilities, skills, aptitudes, insights and ideas that make you different, and in some way, superior to all other people who have ever lived. You have the capacity within you, right now, to accomplish more than you have ever dreamed of in the past. You are engineered and designed as "success organism," endlessly attracted to doing more and more of the things that will bring you more and more of the success and happiness that you desire.

The great tragedy is that most people go through life and die with their music still in them. They react and respond to pressures and events, to parents and to bosses, to bills and responsibilities, and never take the time to sit down and think about what it is that they really want for themselves.

You were put on this earth to do something wonderful with your life. Your job is to find out what that wonderful thing is and then to throw your whole heart into doing it extremely well. Your life may have a single purpose, like that of Mother Theresa of Calcutta, or your life may have multiple, sequential purposes, one after the other as you evolve and grow and develop into a higher and better person.

In any case, the one common characteristic of the most successful men and women is clarity. They are absolutely clear about what they stand for and believe in, and where they are going. And you must achieve this clarity as well.

What is your "heart's desire?" Your heart's desire is defined as the one thing that you and you alone were put on this earth to do. It is that something special that you are uniquely suited to do in an excellent fashion. Your job throughout your life is to discover your heart's desire. It is only then that you will be truly happy, completely successful and totally fulfilled. What is yours?

By: Brian Tracy

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Think Like a Millionaire

Attitude is Everything
The most important attitude for financial success is long-term thinking. Successful people think a long way into the future and they adjust their daily behaviors to assure they achieve their long-term goals. In a longitudinal study done at Harvard University in the 50s and 60s, they studied the reasons for upward socio-economic mobility. They were looking for factors that would predict whether or not an individual or family was going to move upward and be wealthier in the future than in the present.

They studied factors like education, intelligence, being born into the right family, or having the right connections. In every case, they found individuals who had been born with every blessing in life who did poorly. They also found individuals who had been born or come to this country with no advantages at all who had been extremely successful. What was the distinguishing factor?

They finally determined that there was only one key attitude that mattered. They called it "Time Perspective." Time perspective refers to the amount of time that you take into consideration when planning your day to day activities and when making important decisions in your life.

Time Perspective
People with long-time perspective invariably move up economically in the course of their lifetimes. When you spend weeks, months and years developing your skills and ability and expanding your experience in order to be successful, you have long-time perspective. The average professional person has a time perspective of 10, 15 and 20 years.

Begin to see that everything that you are doing today is part of a long-time continuum, at the end of which you are going to be financially independent or financially unfortunate. People with short-time perspective think only about fun and pleasure in the short term. They have what economists call "The inability to delay gratification." They have an irresistible tendency to spend every single penny they earn and everything that they can borrow.

When you develop long-time perspective, you develop the discipline to delay gratification and to save your money rather than spending it. The combination of long-time perspective and delayed gratification puts you onto the high road to financial independence.

Action Exercises
Now, here are two things you can do to develop the attitudes of financially successful people:

First, think long-term about your financial life. Decide exactly how much you want to be worth five years, ten years and twenty years from today. Write it down. Make a plan. Take action on your plan every single day.

Second, develop the ability to delay gratification. Instead of buying something on impulse, put off buying decisions for a day, a week or even a month. Decide in advance to "think it over" before you buy anything. This can change the way you spend money almost immediately.

By: Brian Tracy

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Make Every Minute Count

Time management is the central skill of success. Your ability to manage your time, to focus and channel your energies on your highest value tasks, will determine your rewards and your level of accomplishment in life more than any other factor.

Save Hundreds of Hours and Thousands of Dollars in Personal Advancement
Your mind is your most precious asset. You must be continually working to increase the quality of your thinking. One of the best ways is to turn driving time into learning time. Listen to educational CDs or audio cassettes in your car. The average driver, according to the American Automobile Association, drives 12,000 to 25,000 miles each year, spending 500 to 1000 hours that you spend each year in your car. That is the equivalent of 12 1/2 to 25 forty-hour weeks. This is the same as two full university semesters spent behind the wheel of your car each year.

Use Traveling Time as Learning Time
If you did nothing but use that traveling time as learning time, this decision alone could make you one of the best educated people of your generation. Many people have gone from rags to riches simply by listening to audio programs as they drive to and from work.

Attend Every Seminar
In addition, for personal and professional development, you should attend every seminar you can. You can often save yourself 100's of hours of reading and researching by attending a seminar given by an authority in his or her field. You can learn ideas, techniques and methods that can save you hours, days, even months of hard work and research on your own.

Increase Your Earnings
Remember, to earn more, you must learn more. Your outer world of results will always correspond to your inner world of preparation. Continuous learning is the minimum requirement for success in any field.

Action Exercises
Now, here are two things you can do to put these ideas to work in your life immediately.

First, purchase an audio program that can help you to be happier and more effective today. Begin listening to it immediately. Resolve never to listen to music in your car when you can turn driving time into learning time.

Second, seek out seminars and training programs given by experts in your field. Sit close to the front, take careful notes, and apply the best ideas that you learn immediately.
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By: Brian Tracy

Manage Your Time

Time management is very important in people’s lives. In 21 century we need to have control over out time. We need to have time management because if we manage out time we would have more things done.

If you do not have a time management one can work all day. But the result of the whole day wouldn’t be much. We need to have specifics of whatever we are doing. We need to have a list that says: we need to do this and that in detail.

Following out list the goal plan for a day, we would accomplish much more. We would accomplish much more than just doing something, because we do not have the specifics written out.

We have to manage out time all the time. Know the hours that we spend for work, personal business, family, resting, sleep.
Most people don’t even think about this kind of stuff. I think it’s because they don’t know the benefit they would get from time management.

When you do something, you would generally ask yourself a question, right? If I will do something, how would I benefit from it? That’s correct, that what you have to think about. You have to think about the future. You have to know exactly, if you do something, what would you get out of it.

Now, time management is very beneficiary because you will have your whole day planed out. You will know what important things you need to do to very least important ones. You will know in what order you need to have your schedule.

If you would become a time management expert, I guarantee you that you would be the best in all the aspects of your life. What ever you choose to become best at, you will be the best.

It doesn’t matter what you do. If you work construction, if you do office work, and even if your just a student. I can tell you that you will be the best at whatever you do.

If somebody would tell you, do this and this and this and you will be a millionaire. Would you do it? Do you want to become a millionaire? I would defiantly do it. I would jump on it right away and do whatever I have.

Time management is the same thing. Manage your time and improve your life.
Time management!

The Secret

Law of Attraction
. It is a greatest law that has been uncovered and revealed to public.
Many people call it the secret, some call it as it is the law of attraction. But many who don’t know about it just call it luck. What does the law of attraction mean anyways. Does it mean luck?
Let look at the definition of luck. In my understanding luck is a proper timing and situation. Making correct moves at the right time.
By making choices the present reflects on the future. Every person is the constructor of their own lives. This is very important, and as soon as you understand it, the faster you will become fortunate.
If you would only knew how fortunate I am right now. I am telling you this, because I would like to share it with you. Share with you the secret that was hidden by centuries and right now it is before you my dear friend.
The law of attraction is something incredible, it is priceless. It is something like respect and honor. It is something that you would stand up and fight for. The law of attraction is something that not worth giving up any money.
Imagine that you can attract anything you ever wanted in your life. Get the things that you want. Become a millionaire. I’m not kidding, you can become a millionaire.
You have to know your goal. You have to follow your goal. You need to have your goal written out specifically. You need to have desire to follow your goal. Seen yourself as you are a millionaire.
Money, power, wealth, health, happiness, everything is attractable. You can attract all these. If you are unhappy, the law of attraction will change that. If you don’t have enough income, the law of attraction will change that.
Believe in yourself and believe in the law of attraction and you will have all of it and much, much more.
Be what you always wanted to be, be successful person. Trust yourself and trust the law of attraction.
Law of Attraction
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To be successful, person needs to have courage. Simply because with out it, one wouldn't be able to work on new ideas, invest money, and grow as a person.
I would say that everyone needs courage to start doing something. Getting out of their comfort zone.It take a lot to move on, especially when one had a failure and his mind got stock on it. It's really hard to move on. The one would always have that kind of a feeling of failure. In order or them to start something new they need to have courage to do it. I mean it could happened with anyone. You need to gather your thoughts together and just do it.
Investing money is tricky business. You have know really well every single detail about investing money. If you know just a little part about it, it could be it and you would loose the game. All your investments are gone. To start over, start investing money and growing person needs to have courage to do. Needs to have an expectation of success. They always need to have positive thinking. Be careful tho, because you can trick yourself. When something negative happens you need to act on it. Don't just think that everything is going to be ok. Everything is going to be ok when you will figure out what's wrong and act on the problem. When you will be in control, then and only then everything is going to be ok. It's simply just because your in control of the situation. When you are the person in charge, that makes you feel good and in a million years you don't want to loose that control. Hey, it's live and anything can happen. be prepared to act on. Have courage to do somehting.
Any person has a power to do something positive in this world. Don't just wait and say that ...Oh, I'm not the one, I don't feel like it. Somebody else could do it. I just want to make money and enjoy my life... Hold on a second here, who said anything about not making money or sacrifising your life for something. When doing good, you will feel good, you wil feel good about yourself, and you would make people around you feel good too.
Have courage to do something positive. Don't wait, act on it.