Strategies for Achievement

I've been talking to some people about their achievement, about their goals and how they became wealthy. When you talk with anyone about wealth, they would not tell you how they did it. Person that's making money is not going to tell you the way that they are making money. For simple reason is because they think that they will have less customers, or you going to do same thing as them, and would earn more money then them. I have found a book about interviews of the millionaires. In the book they suppose to tell the reader what they did and how they did it. basically that teaching me how to make money and every other reader who has bought the same book. Even though is a millionaire would tell how to make the money in the book, less than one present of people would to the same thing as the millionaire. I think that's because people can not have the drive for themselves. People are ship. We always want somebody to tell us to do this or to do that and this kind of a results we're going to get. If you want to become successful, you definitely have to change that. You have to learn how to channel the natural flow of wealth and opportunities in your direction. Use "Zero-Based Thinking" to organize your money and time. Foster personal and spiritual development in all areas of your life. Evaluate your life using your happiness as the inner barometer. Use the "Four Key Questions" to continually evaluate your performance. Achieve your goals 2x as fast. Organize your finances to become closer to financial independence. Basically all this means that you have to get up on your own two feet and become your own person. Don't be a sheep anymore, be a Shepard. Be a leader! Learn how to manage yourself and manage others. Gude people to the direction you want them to go.