Closing a Sale

The most profitable people in America are sales people. Are you a sales person? I thought I was too... Closing a deal is not easy. I have a lot of friends that are working as sales people. This one guy in particular is working on a dealership, selling cars. He told me that he is taking classes on human psychology, reading books on sales. But for some reason it was hard for him to close a sale. Many people were walking away from the dealer ship and where telling him that they call him back, or the car was to expensive. Your thought is correct, nobody called back and nobody bought the car.
Another friend of mine was going door to door and selling new technology vacuums. The price of the vacuum was $10,000. What you think happened? We don't want it, it's too expensive, some of the customers where getting the presentation about the vacuum and told my friend to expect their call back. What you think happened, never ever anybody called back.
I was working on the phone, doing cold calling. Same thing happened with me. I never got the response back.
I have found this book and I am recommending it very strongly to any person that want to close a sale, close any type of a deal.