Set Your lIfe

Setting my goals. Is the most important factor. Before I didn't think that every goal I should write on paper and follow it everyday. When I have heard about write the goals down on a paper, it seemed kind of childish to me. What, I don't have a memory to remember what my goal is. Why I should write it on the paper and review it everyday. In the book "Focal Point", the book tells me everything about goal setting, managing my time, focusing on what I should concentrate on to get my results faster and easier, have more time at work to do my tasks, and most important have time for my vocation. I have read the book, well, it actually played and somebody read it to me on my player, I have found it very interesting and wanted to experiment because when I purchased the book they say that if not satisfied money back I was told. So I said to myself, why not try something new and educate myself about the subject that I am interested in. So I have listened to a cd and started to experiment on the new ideas that I have heard. I couldn't believe my eye, what was happening around me. Because of this book my whole life had changed. I have more time to do my work and finish it faster, have time for vocation, have time for my family. And have even more time for myself to start new projects. Because I have listened to this book and I have heard what I needed to hear my life change in a positive way. The most importantly I am becoming more successfull.
I wanted to share this with you and let you know that imposible is nothing.
Do what you have to do and everything be in place you want it to be.