How to Set and Follow Your Goals

As you already know it is very important to write down your goals on a sheet of paper. It is important because you are putting your own energy into writing and thinking about your goal. Imagine that your mind is a garden and you have flowers growing in there. The garden represents your mind and flowers represent your thoughts.

By writing your goals down on a sheet of paper you are planting a seed in your garden. As you know that flowers don’t grow over night. So you have to keep your concentration on you goal.
Write your goals very specifically. For example, I want to make $1,000 dollars by the end of this weak. The date will be April 20th. This is a specific goal. What won’t work is, I want to make $1,000 dollars. This comes out as a whish.

In as much detail as possible describe your goal. Put a really good though in to your writing.
Now you have to make sure and stay motivated about your goal. You need to have so kind of reminders around you, so you will be focused on your goal.

The way I do it is I have note book and I write in it every day. I also read what ever I have wrote in it day before. This keeps me focused on my goal. I write every day 15 minutes a day what I want and read things I wrote the day before.

If you like writing that’s good and fun to do. There is another way to do it. The easier way, if you don’t like writing much. Make a post card with your goal and description of your goal and hang it on a wall. Make sure to always see your goal in writing.

Now you know how to write down and follow your goals.