Make it a Competition

Making a competition for you means to win to get the success. Competition is the number one motivator for you. Or if you’re trying to motivate other people, make sure to give them something to go after.

How to make a competitor? Show them that you have something that they want. As simple as that you can have very many competitors.
For example, you are having your own business and you have 10 people working for you, but the are not putting 100% effort into task, you need to motivate them. You have to do something that will wake those people up and they will start doing their job and put 115% of their time and effort.

Give workers bonuses. The best worker of the month will get a bonus of X amount of dollars. All other people in the office would want to get the bonus also and performance will rise.
Competition is number one motivator.

But be careful because competition can also lead to so many other things. If you get caught up it might lead to being jealous, and all other negative things. Be careful, concentrate on what your doing not what others are doing, no t if you’re a manager.

With good management, the company will have great success.