To be successful, person needs to have courage. Simply because with out it, one wouldn't be able to work on new ideas, invest money, and grow as a person.
I would say that everyone needs courage to start doing something. Getting out of their comfort zone.It take a lot to move on, especially when one had a failure and his mind got stock on it. It's really hard to move on. The one would always have that kind of a feeling of failure. In order or them to start something new they need to have courage to do it. I mean it could happened with anyone. You need to gather your thoughts together and just do it.
Investing money is tricky business. You have know really well every single detail about investing money. If you know just a little part about it, it could be it and you would loose the game. All your investments are gone. To start over, start investing money and growing person needs to have courage to do. Needs to have an expectation of success. They always need to have positive thinking. Be careful tho, because you can trick yourself. When something negative happens you need to act on it. Don't just think that everything is going to be ok. Everything is going to be ok when you will figure out what's wrong and act on the problem. When you will be in control, then and only then everything is going to be ok. It's simply just because your in control of the situation. When you are the person in charge, that makes you feel good and in a million years you don't want to loose that control. Hey, it's live and anything can happen. be prepared to act on. Have courage to do somehting.
Any person has a power to do something positive in this world. Don't just wait and say that ...Oh, I'm not the one, I don't feel like it. Somebody else could do it. I just want to make money and enjoy my life... Hold on a second here, who said anything about not making money or sacrifising your life for something. When doing good, you will feel good, you wil feel good about yourself, and you would make people around you feel good too.
Have courage to do something positive. Don't wait, act on it.