Is the Law of Attraction Real? Find Out in 3 Steps

Instead of reading books and watching videos to figure out if the law of attraction is real, why not just put it to the test and find out for sure? This article will give you a blueprint for testing the law of attraction in your own life.
Let's not waste a lot of time talking philosophy here. The following paragraphs will outline a plan of action for answering your question: is the law of attraction real?
Open your mind to what follows. If you have a poor attitude and are unwilling to really apply yourself, you definitely will not get good results with this experiment.
- Step One - Be Happy With Right Now -
The bottom line is, if you can't be happy right here and right now, you never will be. So sit back for a moment and be glad - really glad - about the good things in your life.
You're reading this article, which means you probably have the gift of vision. And even if you are reading this page using software for the blind, you have access to the World Wide Web, which means you either have your own computer or you're healthy enough to get out and access a public one.
Focus on your blessings and truly appreciate them. Spend several minutes each day filling your mind with thankful happy thoughts about your life right now.
- Step Two - Experience What You Want -
Think about something that you would like to have or experience, and start with something small. Maybe you would like to see a particular old friend who has been absent for some time. Or perhaps you would appreciate an unexpected $50 in some form or another. Form a very vivid image of yourself holding your target desire or immersed in the experience you want.
Imagine this desire as if it were happening right now. See, hear, feel, even taste every details as clearly as possible. And begin to feel thankful for what it is you want to have or experience.
- Step Three - Trust -
After being filled with happiness and thanksgiving for your life, and calling forth the vivid image of something you desire, your next step is to allow the feeling or relaxed trust to wash over you. It is now a reality, and only a matter of time before you are holding or experiencing the thing you want.
Think of a time when you were in the car, on your way to pick up something you really wanted. You had the money in your pocket, and the store was holding the item until you arrived.
This is exactly the kind of sensation you need to call up for this step. Feel a sense of trust enter your awareness, as if you are only ten minutes away from holding your desire in your hand or watching it become a reality.
Don't get hung up on the actual when, just relate to the feeling of imminence.
Perform these three simple steps on a daily basis. Don't spend any energy on looking over your shoulder and wondering where your desire is; just be grateful for it and trust that it is on the way to you now.
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