What makes you more attractive?

For a guy, being more attractive has nothing to do with looks, wealth or dick size, it has to do with something else...

Let me share with you two gems of wisdom in the topic of flirting.

1) Do you know what's the most important (and most little-known) quality a man MUST have if he wants to approach a truly desirable woman... and... have any chance of success! (Women will overlook everything else except this.)

A: Self-Esteem.

A man with truly high self-esteem would never consider the fact he might be unattractive to even the most beautiful woman in the world. being attractive to a woman has to do by far with confidence. That's why you'll see those bad boys getting the best girls even if they are not physically attractive.

Confidence is NOT the same as cockiness. Confidence is being absolutely certain of your inner worth and that you are a good person. Self-esteem is the keystone to confidence.

Confidence is like catnip to women. No woman (except one who is emotionally damaged) wants a man who feels unsure of himself. She doesn't want her man to be cocky, arrogant and conceited. But, she will be vastly turned on by a man who is competent, and quietly confident in all aspects of his life.

Being bold and confident whenever you're flirting will make you attractive to any woman. Now my question to you is: How confident you feel at flirting?

According to master motivator Anthony Robbins, by altering your body's physiology, you can achieve an immediate change of your emotional state. The mind will follow whatever state your physical body is in and not vice-versa.

This means that you'll feel confident if you behave confident. Think of it for a second...

How would you be standing if you'll be feeling completely confident?, What would you be saying to yourself if you'll feel completely confident?

Even if you think you're not confident, pretend to be confident and you'll portray an image of self-confidence that will make you more attractive to the opposite sex.

2) Do you know what's the single most important thing a woman can do to make herself more attractive to other women?

A: Hinting to the other woman that you're attracted to her!

Mind you, I'm saying "hinting" and not "telling" or "showing. Telling or showing might be too much for a woman who has never considered being with another woman, and if she hears from you that you're attracted to her, she might run away from you as fast as she can and never ever talk to you again!

Hinting in the other hand, leaves them guessing and in suspense.

They'll start being curious and wondering what it might be like. I suggest you take advantage that women are a very curious! Having this in mind it's a good idea YOU take the initiative in seducing a another woman.

You'll be surprised how open women will be to your approach if you flirt with them and you take a bit the "seducer's role". In reality this is one of the most important secrets I can reveal in this manual.

According to the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public health, lesbian and bisexual women have an average of 4 times more sex partners than do their hetero counterparts over the course of a life time.

That doesn't mean that we are sluts! That's an absolute misconception that infuriates the bisexual community! We don't sleep around with everybody! We're very selective when it comes to sexual playmates. But having that said, it's important you understand that we're WELL over the stupid sexual "restrictions" and stigmas set by society for women. We enjoy taking flirting matters in our hands, we're well aware that the best way to seduce women for threesomes or girl on girl sex is to be as direct as possible without telling them what our intensions are.

As in our culture women are not generally trained to be sexually aggressive; most of what a woman knows how to do is make herself available and then sit back and wait for the other person to do the work. Even if she's interested unless you "hint" this to her, she'll not move forward.

Remember: If two women are both sitting back and waiting for the other to do the work, then nothing will happen!

Suzy Bauer
Article Source: http://www.articlesworldonline.com