Why You Are Your Worst Enemy in Your Personal Development Growth

If you are like most everyone in society-you have likely failed multiple times during the course of your life. Let's face it, to err is human everyone fails in life (many times). Just look at the news and you will read about the thousands of failures that are happening every day; from sex scandals, to thousands of lawsuits, on-going wars, corporate greed, cheating etc.

Just take a look at the global economic collapse. Who' s to blame you ask, everyone from wall street to main street USA and main street of other developed and developing nation states, and (I might add..) everywhere in between.

Contrary to what you've probably been told-Failure is endemic in human societies regardless of race, regardless of demographics , regardless of economic entitlements or education. Failure transcends every part of human society and touches every fabric of mankind around the globe in which we live.

Learn From Your Mistakes:

This is probably the biggest and most important area that you can use to improve upon in your daily personal and professional life. If you continue doing the same thing every day or every week and continue getting the same results that result in your continuing to fail, in a particular aspect of your life-guess what? Your system is not working!

You need to reverse course and change your plan, system or your thought process as to why you continue to fail in this particular area of your life. Only you can answer that question regarding what needs to be changed and how you go about in trying to fix it.

Be Accountable:

This goes without saying but too many of your failures in life are to some extent of not taking full responsibility or accountability for your actions. If you are responsible for your failure, own up to it-face it head on with humility and resolve not go down that path road again. Don't blame others when you alone are responsible fully for your actions in your life.

Be Teachable:

I believe as a direct result from sin in our world and in Mankind specifically, hat the world is in such a state of rebellion, problems and failures of global proportions which are tied to the sinful state of mankind. Don't worry this is not a theological debate on my biblical world views.

The point here is that there is a common theme here that resolves that you be able to listen and to be teachable. Think about it for a moment, you're in an argument or fight with your spouse or friend, or child- who's right in the argument? Think about your attitude and the message your attitude is to sending to others around you. There are two sides to every fight or dispute, so the natural tendency for people assert themselves as being but you can't always be right.

It's only natural due to the sinful-nature of man, the self centered, self serving ego maniacs that people are to assert themselves as being correct and right during every single argumentative situation..BUT we can't always be right and correct in every situation. My point here is you have to overcome your self-serving nature to be teachable, if not you will continue to alienate those around you and will never grow in this area of your personal and professional development of being teachable. You must be able to learn from your mistakes and failures and be willing to consider others' viewpoints and assessment of the situation other than your own. Maybe yours is not the best solution or position in this situation.

Be Aware of Your Prideful Nature:

People are very prideful individuals, and as I stated earlier, people always want to be right, even when they know they are inherently incorrect and wrong! People yourself myself included are prideful characters of creation. We always want to come out smelling like a rose and believe that it's never our fault, or your fault or problem-it's always someone's problem or failure. Unless you realize your weakness in this area you will not be able to grow in your personal life and will continue to make the same mistakes and failures.

Be Willing to be Humble:

Do you know what the hardest two words to say is? I'm sorry... These two seemingly insignificant words to most people-are diamonds in rough if you ever want to develop into the person that you want to become. Your prideful nature is robbing you of the joys in life unless you can overcome your prideful nature and learn to be humble.

It's easy being mad upset and the world for "wronging you" for not doing what you wanted when you wanted it and how it was to be done. Wars have been fought because of man's self centered and ego oriented , self-serving nature. But true wisdom and growth comes to those who are able to harness their egos and who are willing and able to allow themselves to be humble.

This is where real growth is learned, and experienced if you are allow yourself to learn to be humble and learn from the wisdom from this virtue.

Become a better Listener-Talk Less:

Next time you are in an argument pay special attention to how much you talk compared to the person you are fighting or arguing with next time. Everyone of us has an agenda, we want our needs, our wants, our desires to be heard and acted upon at everyone elses' expense. It's your way or the highway...

You must be able to think, and reflect upon your words and actions, and their impact upon others around you both directly and indirectly, and how your words and actions may be undermining your personal development efforts which may be doomed for yet another failure setback in your life unless you are willing to change...If you look at all the successful people in life, you will come to realize that these successful people exemplify many of the same themes that I'm addressing regarding personal development in this article. Challenge yourself to be able to step out of your comfort zone to address areas of your personal and professional development that you need to improve. Your future personal and professional success depends on it.


Remember: "The only Unfulfilled Goals in Your Life are the Ones you Never Attempt"

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