How to Accomplish Personal Development Goals Easily

Everyone needs a goal to achieve -- a golden carrot -- in order to truly succeed. Goals are what draw us ahead when times are tough. They are what help us overcome resistance and problems. The most important of these are personal development goals.
Here's the easy part: setting personal development goals for yourself. But the hard part is actually achieving those goals. One reason lots of people fail to reach their goals is that they made the mistake of setting blurry goals rather than crystal clear ones. Other people have a tendency to set a bunch of goals all at once. Still others choose target dates that are fuzzy or too far away.
The best way to set your personal development goals is to clearly state what you want to achieve. For example, it is great if you want to lose weight, but you have to choose a clear target at the beginning. Pick how much weight you want to lose, and write down your goal. Choose an exact number of kilos or pounds, and make it an achievable goal, not a fantasy. Don't set yourself up for failure. Say you want to lose ten pounds. Write that down, and create a simple exercise and dieting plan that will propel you down the path to that goal.
Now, take on your challenge by setting parameters for your goal that are clear. With your diet and exercise plans laid out, and a clear number to aim for, set yourself a time limit. It could be ten pounds in the next two months, for example. Which is a little more than a pound per week: pretty achievable. You now have a sharp target, with a manageable time frame, and you will be able to sharply focus on your way to achieving your goal.
That is the first step. By establishing your personal development goals, you are well on the road to accomplishing them.
However, remember not to set your personal development goals so lofty that they are unattainable. If you do that, and you don't succeed in reaching them, you may feel you are a "failure." These negative feelings can affect your self-esteem, and your broader life outlook. So set attainable goals you can reach.
And when you work hard and reach your goal, don't forget to give yourself a reward! A reward makes your focus and commitment worth something else besides the great accomplishment itself. You don't have to spend a bunch of money or eat a giant cheesecake that will start you gaining weight again, for example. Why not take a rewarding walk in a park, have a glass of good wine, or take yourself out to a matinee movie? Reward yourself for sticking to your plan and meeting your goal.
After you have attained your first personal development goal, choose another one. It feels good, right? So it will feel good the next time, too. Use achievable targets and time frames, and set clear goals. You may find that just accomplishing small goals, one after the other, over several years, has led you to a point in your life a few years from now that would have been unrecognizable to you in your past life. One step at a time can take you almost anywhere you want in life.

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