Laws of Attraction - Can They work For You?

There are a lot of ideas being peddled these days about the Law of Attraction, much of it instigated through 'The Secret'. Don't know about you, but for me there was an amazing sense of belief in watching the movie, belief that we can all make our dreams come true. Like many of you reading this, I set out to prove that it can and will happen.

The problem in all of this is the tendency to believe that gratification will be instant. Now wouldn't that be nice! But that's the stuff of dreams. Unfortunately it doesn't quite work that way. Consequently, many people tend to become disgruntled, disillusioned, and ask why it seems to be working for some but not for them.

What better time than in the recent economic downturn, to really put into place the mandates of the Law of Attraction? But what actually happened was that too many people lost even more faith. The fear of ever picking up the pieces again after share losses, the desperation as people lost their jobs, and the overall uncertainty, meant that, however unintentionally, people changed their positive inner beliefs to negative ones. Well, we all know the ramifications of that! You see, those times of uncertainty are the times when you really have to hold faith. You have to look at your life every day and be positive about what you have and what you should be absolutely grateful for, instead of focusing on the all-consuming negatives.

I watched a documentary recently about an Aboriginal man who was once a successful actor. He was extremely well-spoken, clearly well-educated, and had enjoyed the fruits of his acting skills.

Unfortunately he began to experiment with drugs, and with that, he allowed his job opportunities to slip away. Still on drugs he needed a way to support his habit and so, he took to burglary. He was good at that too! In time though, he was caught and sent to prison. He was accepting of his fate and did his due time, several times, eventually reaching the decision that he was getting too old for prison life!

On his final coming out, he decided to make a documentary of his wayward living. It was a disturbing story by all accounts, but for him it was life-changing, for in doing so, he reclaimed his life.

What impressed me about him was that he was still able to attract his past co-workers and enlist their help for the documentary. He never ever engaged in blame-passing for what had happened to him. Sure, he had regrets, but he never ever lost sight of who he was and his faith in himself remained strong.

It's that sort of faith, that belief that things will get better, that will allow the Law of Attraction to work for you too. But first you must overtly and consciously, invite success into your life. Make it a daily occurrence. And then, take steps, patient steps, to ensure that it happens.

Just watching a movie such as 'The Secret' won't change your life. It may change your belief system, it may give you hope, but then it's up to you. Thereafter what you will have to change are your entrenched habits, those same habits that have weighed you down in the past. That will involve much education on your part, an education that will challenge you to grow.

Think about it this way. If you wanted to lose weight, and you simply went to the gym or for a jog each day without actually doing anything about your diet, do you think that would work? Probably not! Oh you might lose a little weight, you might be better toned, but the results would be generally disappointing. In time you would lapse into your bad habits and your weight would inevitably creep up again. You know, the weight-loss industry has built an empire on broken promises. It thrives on human failure. Don't be part of that failure!

So my advice to you if you truly desire success, is to be hungry for knowledge. Invite support wherever you can. Learn from those who know. And don't forget, that as you journey towards success, take time out to help others to succeed as well.
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