Get Home Business Success with Your First Step

If you listen to the success gurus, they will tell you that the first step toward achieving you dreams is to set goals. This is true in achieving home business success, or in any other area of life. Setting good goals will lead you where you need to get to.

Home business success is not a great mystery. It requires building your business on solid business principles and practices. While the internet changed many things about running a business, the foundations of success did not change. One of the most important of these foundations is good goal setting.


The first step in setting effective goals is to write your goal down. There is an old saying that until a goal is written down it is just a dream. There is something about writing your goal down that cements it into your mind. It somehow makes the goal real to you. If you do not write it down, your mind perceives that it really is not that important.

While just the act of writing your goal down is important, you can take advantage of it even more by redoing the process on a regular basis. Whenever you are doing a planning session, whether it be setting your weekly plan, or even your daily plan, you should begin by rewriting your goals. That not only keeps the goal fresh in you mind, it also ensures that your plans are leading you toward your goals.

Realistic and Achievable

The next step is making sure that your goals are realistic, and that you can actually achieve them. If you are slow and on the down side of middle-age, setting a goal to play in the NBA is not realistic. If you are just getting started with your business and you want to set a goal of $10,000 a week within a month, that is not realistic either. Depending on your business model, that may be achievable in a year, but that type of success does not happen overnight.

A more realistic and achievable goal may be to earn $1,000 a week within 3-months. Once you reach that goal, then you can set the bar higher for your next goal. It is important to remember that achieving a goal is not the end; it is just a step toward the next goal.

While you should not set the bar to high, you also do not want to make your goal too easy. In order to grow you do need to stretch yourself a little. If you are on a fitness plan, setting a goal to lose 3 pounds within the next 3-maonths does not really accomplish anything in terms of personal growth. Make your goal something that is currently out of your reach, but that you can work toward.

First Person � Present Tense

The final step in writing a powerful goal is to write it as if it is already true for you. If your goal is to lose 20 pounds, do not write your goal as �Lose 20 pounds in 3-months.� Instead your goal should be specific and written in the first person; �I weigh 'target weight' on 'date'.� Be as specific as possible. You want to set in your mind that what you write down is true. Your mind will help you accomplish your goals.

Setting strong goals is an important step in reaching home business success. Write down what you want to achieve as if it were already true for you, and you will be amazed at how often it happens just like you said it would.
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