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Dramatically Increase Your Business Income

The idea is to create educational audios or videos or articles. And, then offer these as inducements for people to buy your service. For example, if you are a Realtor, and you are desiring to list Ralph's home for sale, you could say: "Ralph, I am the only Realtor in this city who is willing to give you this amazing CD called HOW TO SELL YOUR HOME FASTER AT A HIGHER PRICE". If you are interested in the extra bonus, then please list with me and you may have this valuable CD as my gift.

How do you create educational content? There are three ways, and two of them do not require you to know anything!! I will summarize them here:

1.Create your own educational content from your own wisdom
2.Create your own educational content by searching on Google and reading the top-ranked websites
3.Create your own educational content by interviewing experts

Dramatically Increase Your Income by Selling Educational Products (that you don't even have right now)

Simply stated, you first select a topic of interest to you. Then, using the three ways to collect content shown above, simply audio or video or type information.

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