Visit the Inner Room of Love - Are You Showing Up Fully for Your Life?

Right in this moment love is in the air. If you take a deep breath you can draw it in to your heart and down to your belly. You can let it intoxicate you. I mean it!

We miss the very essence of life when we attach love to certain people, circumstances or events. Are you showing up fully for your life as it is right now?

When you show up fully life meets you with fullness too. And life, at the core is filled with the energy of love.

Imagine, that your life matters. I mean really matters - every single precious moment of it. And meet the air as if you are offering it a kiss. Drink in the deliciousness of early morning. Celebrate the middle of your day with a nod to the gods and goddesses of pure magnificence.

Why would you let the moments of your life slip by in mediocre ways? Let the tone to your days be filled with wonder, and pleasure. Feel the joy of existence. When the sun sets know the rays continue to light up some other place on the planet. And then welcome the darkness in your own hemisphere.

What does all of this have to do with Love? Everything! Either we are showing up fully for life - and love - or we are contracted, withdrawn, caught in the melodramas we make up in our minds. The stories of emptiness, lack and loss the mind likes to spin for us.

Now - with that preamble take an imaginary journey to the Inner Room of Love. Envision a room in your own consciousness where the highest vibration of love is generated on your behalf.

- What would you call to you now?
- What experiences does your heart yearn for?
- Will you let yourself imagine drawing these into your life?

Do you want to experience a lovers embrace? Tender words from a friend? Open communication with colleagues? Laughter? What will you allow yourself to see and to have? Will you let yourself enjoy dating? Will you know peace being single? Will you allow happiness with your mate?

Whatever state you are ready to appreciate belongs to you and then, when and if you wish, - you can choose something different for yourself again and again.

There is no stop to the journey of creation. Only the creative questions of choices you alone make. What next? What now? Will you say yes to your life? Make your desires real on the inside first. Use that wonderful mind of yours for what matters most - your happiness -your engagement with life -your full presence in all that happens to you.

Live fully and let love awaken inside. Then continue living fully as it blossoms outside also. There is no mystery here. Vibration matches vibration.

If you will drop the pictures of what love should look like and begin assuming that love is present, right here, right now you will begin to see and feel more love everywhere. This is practical spirituality put to work. Knowing that love is the essence of life choose it for yourself, relax and watch it appear!

And remember not to be attached to how it looks. The mind is sneaky. You might miss something spectacular because it does not fit your pictures. Let the pictures go and enjoy the energy. Your heart knows.

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