The Seven Words Which Can Change Your Life

When you look into your future, what do you see? Do you have a clear vision of where your life is heading? If you know where it is you wish to go, odds are you will get there. However, if you have no idea of where it is you're going, it is certain that you will get there.

The great personal trainer Zig Ziglar put it this way: Zig said that he can take the most accurate archery expert in the world and inside of just a few minutes, he'd have anybody shooting arrows with much greater accuracy than the archer. Of course, he'd have to first blindfold the archer and spin him around three or four times so the guy would have no idea where the target was located.

Zig's point is, how can anybody possibly hit a target which they can't see. If you're hoping to get more out of life but you do not have a clear vision of what it is you want, how in the world do you expect to get there?

Some people call it goal setting while others refer to it as "keep your eyes on the prize". Regardless of how it's referenced, it is of critical importance to your long term success that you know where it is you wish to go.

Once you do have a clear vision of where you'd like to be, you can then reverse engineer the path to take in order to get there. It is always easier and more efficient to figure out where you're going and then work backwards on the steps necessary to get there.

Here, I'll give you a perfect example. I happened to be watching the 2008 summer Olympics hosted by Beijing, China. One of the events I caught was the marathon; a 26 mile run which concluded in the main track and field arena. After running 25.75 miles the runners entered the arena, did a full lap around the track and crossed the finish line. Crossing that finish line marked the conclusion of a 26 mile race.

Now, do you think the Olympic committee randomly picked a starting point at some distance from the arena and held out hope that the route chosen would somehow work out to 26 miles? Or, do you suppose they started at the finish line inside the arena, which included a single lap around the track, and worked their way backwards to find their precise starting point?

Obviously, mapping out a 26 mile marathon would've been impossible unless the Olympic committee started at the end and worked their way backwards to find the starting point. Let this serve as a metaphor for what you can do to reach your desired destinations in life.

It's also important to remind you that taking action to reach your envisioned target is key. Take action now, start today. What good is having your vision and reverse engineering the steps necessary to get there if those steps aren't actually taken.

You've read this article because you were promised 7 life changing words. Well, here they are: start now with the end in mind. If you do this, if you take action starting today, right now, with your ultimate vision in mind then you will have no choice but to achieve the life you desire and deserve. This I can promise you.

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