Reality Creation Secrets - How To Do Meditation

A lot of people have been wondering how to do meditation for different reasons, mostly to des-stress. Today's world is fast paced and filled with activities that put too much stress in our minds and bodies. It affects how we think and feel and thereby affecting our perception and even our relationships with other people. We feel irritable, discontent, tired, and distressed. It's time to understand ourselves. To refresh, regenerate and repossess our once happy outlook in life. Our bodies are our temple and we need to take care and relax, take time to meditate! This simple exercise that is perceived by others as merely breathing actually helps in making us feel calm and be more focused in our everyday routine. It helps us achieve that peaceful aura that some of us may have already forgotten. Now if you're wondering how to do meditaion, let's first take a look at how the process of transformation form the cranky you to the more positive and happy you had come about.
Generations and centuries have proven that the practice of mediation is very much rampant. Various religions have attached this practice for them to keep focus on their beliefs and remain healthy, physically and spiritually. They have learned how to do meditation in order to discipline their minds to go to a "happy place" wherein they need to fix their attention on solitary reference point. The word itself is actually of an Indo-European origin, "med," when transcribed to English would "to measure or gauge." Also, a Latin term, "meditation" would define it as "contemplation".
There are many forms on how to do meditation know all through out the world. The more popular term that is used to do meditate is the "mantra" or the sound that is used by people who meditate as a sort of technique to help them focus. Some try to focus on thinking about a single object with closed eyes; this is called "mandala." Even though there are different techniques used, the phases on how to do meditation remain the same, relax the mind first and then, relax the body.
The first thing you need to remember on how to do meditation is to relax all your active muscles in the arms, legs and other parts of your body that are often used. This is followed by slow breathing and then a slow function on the other systems of the body. The last to follow is the relaxation of the way you think. In this way, you try to eradicate everything that bothers you at the moment and keeps you restless, stressed and awake. Once you have achieved this, your have finally reached your altered state, or transcendence. Afterwards, you would feel revived, optimistic, and ready to take on anything.
Some simple steps on how to do meditation are as follows:
A quiet and comfortable place is appropriate foe this type of exercise, or you can try closing your eyes if you cannot find a place for it at that moment, but if you must, find a secluded place for you to have a little privacy.
Find a position that you are comfortable with. Sit down and relax.
Take long deep breaths and close your eyes. Begin to erase the thoughts from your mind.
Think about a single thing or place that would make you happy and peaceful. It would help to say the word again and again in your mind to strengthen the visualization process. Try to say the word in a fixed rhythm and get into it.
If you feel distracted, don't. Let everything flow out of you as you think about that single thing. Do this for about 10 to 30 minutes, but do not worry about the time.
You will know when it's time to stop when you already feel relaxed and anxiety free. You can now open your eyes slowly.
There are several misconceptions on how to do meditation, one is falling asleep. This means that you have to focus on improving your posture. In contrast, meditation actually has the power to keep you awake and revived after the whole process. Achieving this exercise takes time to finally get to the point of complete renewal so don't rush. Take your time.

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