Personal Growth

I was having a conversation with a man recently and his name is Jair. We talked about how to change lives. To me it's sad to say, but it's not just that easy.

I told him point blank that I could tell him everything that was wrong with him but that wouldn't change him. He looked stunned for a second because there's so much stuff on TV that says otherwise. You know these quick fix programs.

This is where I feel that your psychic abilities kick in to save the day. I am of the belief that somehow life gets so busy and crazy we develop these character flaws. So it's these flaws plus the busy and crazy life, that we never address them and they become worse over time. As time goes by these flaws bring us down like a meteorite crashing to the ground (Hot and Loud). I really belief at this point we hit a psychic bottom; it's where the pain of change is less the pain of staying the same. It's this Psychic change that somehow overpowers the old character flaws and reset things, which now benefit us.Psychic Sense does for us, what we can't do for ourselves.

Lets look at a person who's taken down to a police station for a crime. At first glance they may think the police are fooled with an extraordinary story. Soon the person realizes the holes in their story and looks to change the story over and over. Then they realize the story won't hold up, they look for help on the legal side (Their Lawyer). Finally the trial comes and goes and they sit there waiting for a vote. It's at this moment they have a psychic change because they seek spirituality or religion in their time of need. Reality crashes down the busy and crazy and the mind resets into its safest parts, which is the psychic realm. Here they are comforted and propped up by spirit guides and family. Imagine how you would feel if there was an army with you and protecting you. That is the peace of mind that changes a person when they understand that’s the psychic realm offers unconditional love with no judgment against them. Some may say this is too good to be true. I know it ran across my mind too, but here I stand a changed person filled with love and compassion. When you give up the crazy and the busy or it gives up you that will be the day you'll find the changes you need.

Just remember to hit the reset button.

When we push this button our minds go back to state of our original state. Remember being a kid and not having a care in world. No responsibility or bills, this here is the closest to our original state. Just like a computer going haywire, just push the reset button and magically its goes back to normal (Reset equals normal).

I hope this blog was helpful and useful. May this message find you in good health, wealth and happiness.

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