How to Build Amazing Self Esteem

Whether we are entering into a challenging period of our life or enjoying a particularly successful time we are changing our opinion of ourselves constantly. Self esteem is measured through whether we feel positively or negatively about ourselves. Positive self esteem is our goal as we perform better in our life if we feel we are worthy of success.

The relationship we enjoy with our family effects our levels of self esteem. The relationship we have with our partner for instance has this effect. If we get on well with that person we feel that connection at work, and at home. This positive feeling is not felt by people that do not enjoy this good family relationships, which can leave a void period that effects how the person feels about themselves.

Those people who have a more challenging upbringing are prone to more swings in their self esteem, because the self esteem they feel is more fragile. Low self esteem can cause behaviourial problems and rebellion against authority. These types of people often feel a deep sense of injustice at life because they feel worthless inside. Often by increasing the worth they feel of themselves either by engaging them in a hobby or activity they can do successfully causes amazing results.

To actively improve your levels of self esteem you need to place your focus in an area of your life to which you have enjoyed some success. When you need a dose of confidence, simply find this piece of life you are confident about and apply that feeling of success. Use this feeling of empowerment and positivity to concentrate on developing other areas of your life, so you start developing your overall sense of achievement. This will increase self esteem to high levels.

Not that self esteem is not a ticket to allowing yourself to appear very over confident. Business people are often overly confident. Whether or not this confidence is genuine is open to debate, but nevertheless the individual themselves always know their true feelings. We cannot hide our true feelings for ourselves, so we must ensure we do all that we can to improve our levels of self esteem.

During adolescence self belief is an area of our lives that we debate fiercely. How teenagers feel about themselves can be a battleground of emotion. Young woman in particular are plagued by thoughts about their weight, what others think about them and all of these emotions impact on their feelings about themselves, and their self esteem. As a parent, the biggest challenge is working out whether the happy child is really happy and is not carrying inner turmoil around inside as their personal feelings towards themselves develop.

Self esteem is complicated because you can feel successful and confident about one area of your life whilst totally at sea in other. What is important is that you focus your attention on staying positive and working on those areas that need attention, so you are always moving forward and not allowing the negative feelings to take over and cause unhappiness to take a hold of you. Always remember that you ultimately have a choice about what you feel and what you think about.

Your aim should not be to increase self esteem is levels that are higher than others, but to create a level of self esteem and self worth that you can keep at a consistent level. Many acts of murder and assault are created when a person is dealt a blow to their self esteem or their respect is questionned. If you can develop a consistent level of self esteem you can control your actions in difficult circumstances.

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