How Much Happiness Do You want to Feel Every Day?

Happiness, joy and bliss are what so many seek but only a small number seem to find.

Why is that? Do you have or can you achieve the kind of happiness that will see you through ice, mud, snow or any other adversities in life?

It is easy, simple and uncomplicated to see people who you may think are happy but evidently are not. There is no need to review the record of unhappy people and circumstances. You do not need more misery, melancholy, gloom, sorrow or unhappiness and that is one of the keys.

You must be thinking happy thoughts to be happy. Yes! Yes! To be happy you have got to believe or feel happy!

Stop right now and smile, smile big, large, wide and gigantic! Hold that smile go look in the mirror and smile, smile again, once more, another time and yet again for another time.

As soon as you smile even if you are not happy it connects into the body mind connection. Your body feels a smile as happy!! Your body senses a smile as happy!!

So even if you are not in the best of cheer or have sunny feelings. Your body reads these as peak spirits, jubilant energy or feelings of bliss when you assume good postures.

Your attitudes are picked up by your subconsciousness. It sees them for what they are good, sunny, high-quality, superior, good, quality, beneficial, enjoyable and pleasant feelings.

You may be comparable or similar to many others who engage in online or offline marketing. You by even reading this are more than likely looking to develope your personal or individual wealth, health, and physical ability, skill, capability, capacity, or power.

One of the foundations which has been known for some time is to have the right, correct, accurate or proper attitude.

You must be able to perceive, envision, envisage, imagine, foresee, picture or appreciate yourself as happy, successful, in great health and having an abundance or wealth of Life.

The surest route, method, or approach to guarantee the goals you seek will be available for you is to start today and believe, have faith, trust and think you already are happy, healthy and wealthy.

You are already in possession of those qualities, attitudes and habits. Act, play or behave like what you want to become or grow to be like. What changes do you have to make or achieve?

Make those changes now? Within or inside of just 30 days you can change, adjust, alter, transform, or modify your attitude and feelings!

Invest in yourself now!! Adopt a Yes! Attitude! Get a clear picture of the amazing you!

Feel a deep love for yourself, feel gratitude for being you, and feel the joy, blessings and goodness that surrounds you all the time.

To enhance your efforts make it a habit to share your smile and happiness. Say mentally to all those you meet - I love you! Be aware, conscious, attentive or sensitive of the habitual thoughts you may have in daily routines of life.

Start, commence or begin now and make it a habit, practice or custom to repeat some positive affirmations such as:

I like myself, I love myself, I am good, I am kind, I am beautiful, I am happy, I am happy, I am well, I am healthy, I am powerful!

Remember or bear in mind that you have spent your whole Life building up your personality and attitudes.

You should also know that these habits and behaviors even if not optimal. Can now be changed with determined and focused effort to improve yourself.

What we do today is creating our future. Love yourself, love others and you will see all areas of your life improve.

Grab hold of a blessing today - Smile - Share Love - Share Peace and Happiness! Grab hold of the blessing and throw, fling, pitch or hurl it into the future!

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