90 Day Challenge for Personal Growth - Day 1

I am writing this article to begin on a quest for more personal and spiritual growth. With the economy in such a bad state and the job market looking like it is going to implode I believe there is no better time to roll up my sleeves and get to work on myself. I believe one needs to grow personally before he can help others begin to grow. Because growth comes in many forms, I have chosen to focus on exploring my spiritual, economic and physical growth areas and how each can improve and how they all work together to create one purpose. Yes, the purpose is to better oneself but I am doing this not only to better myself but to hold myself accountable along the way. It is my vision that when you see me complete this task that a certain force comes with it. That force exerts itself on others and changes people for the good. If I can help just one person in this quest it will be a success.

Accountability is what we all need to see if we truly can achieve our goals. To oneself, family, and business partners. If I am to continue as a leader then I need to be able to show all my strengths and weaknesses along the way. I believe a great leader needs to be able to learn from mistakes and how can he quickly get back on track when straying away from the goal. So I hope you enjoy this journey and find some value in my quest. I believe this may be the hardest task I have ever tackled. Letting the world see all my shortcomings should be growth enough for anyone but I truly want to help people in this time just and Napolean Hill did in his Think and Grow Rich Book written during the same economic climate. So here we go!

Day 1 Assesment

Physical: 6'2 245 pounds 43 years old. Basically an out of shape ex-jock with a very bad right knee. I am going to take my weight to 215 pounds with 12 percent bodyfat. My family is very athletic and I am disgusted as to how I have let myself get to this weight and physical state. I know it is affecting my desire in other areas of life. In this area of my life I'm disgusted.

Economic: I am an internet marketer and investor. I live in a million dollar house and work from home which allows me to spend more time with my family and friends. Have I achieved working at home? Yes. Am I satisfied with my position economically? Absolutely not. Not even close. I work very hard just to keep the status quo. So do I have economic freedom no. In ninety days that will change. My per month income will improve by $30,000 per month. I will be recognized by my company as a top sales leader and people around me will be asking Tom "what have you been doing to achieve your success?" In this area of my life I am mad.

Spiritual: This area of my life seems to change like the Texas wind. I am going to take these ninety days to explore many of the various religious and positive/self help experts to gain mental and spiritual clarity. I want to know more about myself in this area.

So there is the game plan. Change change change. Oh and one last thing I'm a huge procrastinator. That will be the demon sitting on my shoulder. So come along with me and watch or participate as well. Only good will come from this. Are you ready?

To your success.

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