Do I Need To Set Goals?

Do you find yourself trying and trying but just never quite reaching all the things you dream about? The secret that you have been missing until now is you're not taking the time to set goals. By not setting goals you are actually just dreaming.

When you understand how to set goals you have the key to success and attaining all your dreams. It's like taking a trip. Right from the start you know your ending and you have a goal for when you will get there. Along the way you will know whether or not you can take more time or you need to hurry based on your progress.

When you set goals, you will know how you are doing and what to do to achieve your targets or dreams in life. You will know if you can relax or if you need to double your efforts when you're falling short of what you expect.

The fact is that when you set goals you are coming from a place of positive expectancy and are already on your way towards success. Part of the process will have you thinking through possible obstacles with a solution oriented mindset and that will give you confidence and help you solve these challenges before they become a problem.

If you set goals and want to have the greatest chance of success then you need measure you progress to make sure you are on track. You do this by setting smaller measurable goals that you must reach along the way. You will find that by doing so you actually are more motivated to continue since you are focusing on the smaller goal and not being intimidated by the large overall goal.

Some people think that once they have set goals they're done. Well they are wrong. If all it took to be successful was having a goal then every 5 year old girl in America would have a pony. All kidding aside besides taking the time to set goals you have to take action. That means that you must always be moving towards your goal. As long as you working toward your goal and you determine never to give up you will eventually achieve success..

To be truly successful when you set goals you need to believe the goal you set is actually something you can achieve. With time and practice you will find that you can set amazing goals and reach them but if you're new to goal setting you need to start with something that is a stretch but still believable for you. That doesn't mean you should set something so easy you can reach it without trying. Goals will help you grow and achieve more than you ever thought possible but only if you have to stretch to reach them.

Keep in mind that when you set goals they must have a due date. That is the big difference between dreams and goals is that goals have a deadline. When you have a due date you will have a natural tendency to get started on your goal and with that your are on your way to success.

As you set goals and begin to achieve them, even if you are only partially successful, be sure to congratulate yourself which will help you stay motivated. That isn't to say you should be comfortable with minor success. Keep striving to achieve the total goal.

When it's all said and done with you can set goals for any aspect of your life - it doesn't matter if its personal or family life, career or finances. Goal setting can be as simple as setting a target weight when you wish to lose pounds or something big, like earning your first million.

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