Awareness Is The Key To Personal Growth And Self Discovery

If there is one thing you need in order to help yourself on this journey to self discovering it's awareness. Awareness is the state of being conscious of something or a sense of knowing (either by perception or by means of information) and is your key to making real and lasting change.

Without awareness you will continue to do the things that you are doing that keep you stuck, stop you from taking risks, make you hate change and limit you from developing your full potential.

Think about a time when you had no idea about something. Lets focus on being a 2 year old that doesn't know that they need to tie their shoe lace, and lets face it they did not care.

Then one day awareness struck. They understood that they needed their shoes on when they went outdoors and the way to keep them on is tie the laces. Now they care about their shoelaces but they do not know how to tie them. Then awareness strikes again to let them know that if they really want to be seen as 'grown up' they were going to have to learn how to tie those shoelaces all on their own, especially as they were starting school soon.

They went from no awareness of what shoelaces are to complete awareness of what they are and why they are important. They also knew that walking around at school age and not being able to tie their shoelaces would keep them in the category of 'baby' and so they worked hard at learning until they got it!

Now you need to discover what you need to be aware of and you are already a grown up so you will need to either wait until an event happens that raises your awareness to something needing to change or you can go within and ask your unconscious mind what needs to change to ensure you are the best person you can be.

We all have the power to ask questions of ourselves and expect an answer (and if you did not know that then I just opened your awareness of it) so trust yourself and have paper and pen ready.

You can ask as you go to sleep 'What do I need to know about myself that is stopping my self development. Please bring whatever you feel I need to know to my awareness' Answers will be given to you as long as you relax and trust. The answers may come to you in the shower or while exercising so you will need pad/paper close to you at all times!

Eventually as you practise you will receive them at a certain time. I receive all my messages first thing in the morning the second I open my eyes. If my unconscious mind has something to reveal to me that is when I hear about it.

Without awareness you continue to live in denial and it becomes impossible to truly discover your greatness because most of it will be hidden in fear, guilt, negative internal chatter, worry and other limiting experiences that will not promote growth. Give yourself the gift of personal growth by opening yourself up to the insights that occur when you focus on awareness.

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