Law Of Attraction Lesson: Clear Asking Equals Clear Results

In Law of Attraction you ask the Universe for what you want and then it delivers. Seems pretty straightforward, right?

The thing about asking though is that you have to be very clear. In fact, lack of clarity is a main reason people don't get what they want. As an example of clarity, think about going out to dinner. Have you ever had this conversation before?

YOU: Hey, would you like to go out to dinner tonight?

ME: Sure, love to!

YOU: Where do you want to go?

ME: I dunno...anywhere is fine.

YOU: How about Chinese?

ME: Nah, don't feel like Chinese.

YOU: Mexican?

ME: Nah, gave me heartburn last time.

YOU: How about that new steak house? I hear it's really good.

ME: Yeah but it's probably way too crowded. I don't want to wait an hour to get seated.

....and on the conversation goes, probably resulting in us not going anywhere at all or hitting the closest fast food place because we can't decide. And to top it off, you're probably confused and frustrated with me because of my indecision. See how the Universe feels when we're not clear?

Of course the Universe isn't emotional so it's not going to get mad or punish you in any way. But it will respond to your lack of clarity by delivering something that isn't exactly what you asked for. And if you're really unclear it might not bring you anything at all.

The answer is to take the time to get clear on what you want - THEN ask the Universe for it. Do it in that order and you'll be sure to get more predictable and consistent results. Happy Manifesting!

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